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Neutec Group is proud to offer a complete line of innovative Automated Media Preparation systems from bench top models through large pilot scale floor models, made by premier manufacturers in the industry. These automated media preparators, such as nutrient media preparators and sterilizers, have been optimized to perform the following functions: the preparation, sterilization, and for liquid fills including agar culture media, peptone water and buffer solutions, as well as other sterile liquid media.

Our bench top series of Media Preparators/sterilization equipment offer state-of-the-art technology. Touch screen programming is standard on every BioTool instrument. It incorporates easy to follow menu instructions, so the user does not need a manual and training is quick and straightforward. Self-diagnosis capabilities ensure that the automated media preparation system is prepared for operation even before the sterilization process is started. All automated media preparation systems are engineered for batch or continuous operation with minimal downtime.
Our innovative line of automated media preparation systems can prepare up to 15 liters of plain or complex vitamin/blood-added agar formulations.

Our fully automated systems are microprocessor controlled and will allow full control over the process parameters such as: sterilization temperature and time; pouring temperature etc. These systems also enable the addition of thermolabile materials such as blood or selective agents at particular points in the process. Best of all, they allow laboratory staff to set the device and walk-away to attend to other assignments.

Our intermediate size floor models allow our customers access to capacities ranging between 20- 100 liter volume automated media preparation systems. This series of larger automated media preparation systems has been designed to simplify and implement an operative workflow for microbiology laboratories. Additionally, it offers economies of scale: these devices integrate the preparation, sterilization, and dispensation of high quality culture media with outstanding batch-to-batch reproducibility. Due to their reliable heating system, they have been designed and engineered to reduce total run times while delivering high volumes of sterile culture media. Additionally, as a contributing factor toward greater workflow efficiency, they provide a faster cooling phase at the end of the sterilization process.

To conclude: In laboratories as well as other industries, time is money. The preparation and dispensing of plated media can be time-consuming, especially when large sample numbers and batches must be processed. Additionally, avoiding contamination is an imperative. Combined with the automated plate pourer, the automated media preparator saves time, money, and increases productivity. It provides fast, large-scale, sterile media on-demand, so that normal laboratory workflow remains uninterrupted.

Key Benefits of the Media Preparators series

  • Fully-automated capabilities allows lab personnel to walk away to attend to other tasks, thereby reducing workflow and labor overhead.
  • Greater consistency and volume uniformity without continuous supervision by the operator.
  • Increased safety for lab personnel – removes handling of large containers of hot agar
  • Allows the lab self sufficiency of their media requirements, at every volume

Our Proficlave PCX innovative automated media preparation system prepares up to 16 liters of plain or complex vitamin / blood added agar formulations, easier and faster than ever.

The new addition of the AE-MP media Preparators series allows our customers access to a whole new level of floor models for labs with larger volumes requirments, from 20 to 100 liter used for agar or media preparation, with pumps and pH sensor options.




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When large batched are needed, Neutec is happy to offer a full line of laboratory and pilot scale media and agar preparators  – from 30 liter to 400 liter – we can help you sterilize your agar or buffers in the most effective economic and productive way – press here to learn more.


Applications for the media preparators include: Healthcare and diagnostic labs, Food research and quality assurance labs, Agriculture research and quality assurance labs, Universities, Pharma and Biotech industries, Veterinary diagnostics labs and Plant Tissue Culture.


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As a next natural step in the laboratory workflow, once the media/agar has been prepared and with full connectivity to all media preparators, we offer the largest selection of automated plate pouring systems in the marketplace. This series of Media fillers offers state-of-the-art technology that includes optional text/bar code printing on every plate and programmable dish height stacking. Touch screen programming is standard on every instrument. It incorporates easy to follow menu instructions, so the user does not need a manual. The ample backlit graphic display makes for a perfect read-off and the automatic device self-diagnosis feature ensures that the system is ready for operation at any time. These innovative automated plate pouring systems consist of an Economical version – the PS20 automatic plate pourer, Carrousel Agar filler – the PS 200 / 400  automatic plate pourer and a large capacity Agar Filling System- the PS900 automatic plate pourer. They are designed to be much more flexible and reliable as compared to traditional carousel media and agar fillers. Our media pourers are user friendly and engineered for batch or continuous operation with minimal downtime.

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Another downstream tedious activity performed in many labs, after preparing the media and buffer, is filling dilution test tubes and bottles. The new TF-3000 automated tube and bottle filler automates the repetitive, labor intensive process of filling of tubes & bottles. Set up is easy- just place the rack (you can practically use most any commercial rack on the market as long as it fits on the filling platform and the tubes are held tightly in place while being kept in an upright, straight position), train the intelligent, yet simple, to use software about the position of your racks, size of tubes and requested filling volume and let the TF-3000 complete the process.

What solution is best for my application?


The PS900 can pour up to 750 plates (12-15ml) per hour. The PS200 can pour up to 600 plates per hour (12-15ml). The PS20 can pour 20 plates in 2 minutes. (up to 600/hr).
PS900 – 600 ml/min PS200 – 600 ml/min PS20 – 800 ml/min DP1000 – 1000ml/min
The Biotool systems are truly “walk away” plate pouring systems. There are multiple sensors that detect if a plate is not present or upside down and will not pour unless all conditions are correct. When maintained well (cleaned and a yearly preventative maintanance done on the unit) there is very little operator intervention required during operation of the systems. The plates are automatically stacked at the required height (1 – 20) so the lab technician does not have to manually move the poured plate.
The plates are opened under UV light during the pouring stage preventing contamination during this process and kept open for only few seconds,. he lab technician is protected from the UV light by a protective cover with safety switch that turns off the UV light when the cover is open.
Yes- the systems can be connected to a media preparer such as the Proficlave PC10 / 20 to insure that the agar remains at the proper dispensing temperature, well stirred and sterile.
The Biotool PS900 and PS20 system uses 90 – 100mm beveled (automation) plates. We ask you to send one sleeve of your plates so we can adjust the system prior to the delivery to your laboratory. The PS200 filler works with most 90-100mm plates.
The Biotool systems are equipped with a dual head pump that eliminates air bubbles during the dispensing of media, keeping it smooth. in addition, the PS900 and PS200 systems are equipped with an additional vibration system to actively smooth the agar. These systems will produce smooth and level plates.
Yes, any of our systems can draw media from a flask or any other container. The Proficlave PC10 or 20 insures that the media is at the proper dispensing temperature, properly mixed and sterile.
Yes – the PS900 system can accommodate any stack height from a single plate up to 20 plates.
Yes – the systems let you choose any stack height from 1 to 20 (remember, lower stacks will cool faster due to smaller heat residue).
Yes, we offer a wide range of leasing program for small monthly installments, call our Toll Free number 1-888-810-5179 for more information and lease programs.
Yes, most units are offered a rent/lease for short periods of time for evaluation purposes based on availability. Call our Toll Free number 1-888-810-5179 for more information and lease programs.
The PC10 media preparator can make up to 9L of media on one run. The PC20 media preparator can make up to 16L of media on one run.
The PC10 / PC20 family of Media Preparators keeps the temperature stable for hours in the dispensing mode and ready to pour whenever you are ready.
The PS200 automated agar filler can hold up to 200 dishes at once and can be unloaded and reloaded during a run using our unique magnetic rack system. Maximum throughput would be approximately 800 dishes per hour.
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