Agar/Media Filler PS200/400

Carrousel agar petri dish filler which stacks dishes in user friendly removable racks. The unique removable PetriRack system allows Petri dishes to be loaded into the rack at any time minimizing refill down time.

Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG
SKU: 950000 / 960000


Neutec Group is proud to offer innovative agar plate filler systems by Biotool Swiss.

PetriSwiss (PS200/400), the carrousel filler with the removable racks for safe and effortless dish loading. It automatically fills and stacks dishes in removable safety racks. This unique removable rack principle allows racks to be prefilled and loaded onto the rack disk at any time. The dishes can remain stored in the rack, as a safe and stable stand. 

The unit takes the lowest dish from the stack, separating from its lid, and places the dish into the UV protected filling chamber. While filling this dish, the unit simultaneously stacks the previously filled dish and prepares the next dish to be filled.

As soon as one PetriRack is processed completely, the unit moves the complete magazine disk by one position and restarts this process until all columns are processed. The unit then stops after one full round and allows a replacement of all dishes manually or by replacement of prefilled racks. This keeps unit down time for a refills at a minimum. 

The PS200/400 can be connected to an external Ink Jet that will print on the side of the dish information on the side of the dish, such as sample ID, batch number, date or a barcode. The unit will need to be pre-ordered from the factory as “printer ready” and we will be happy to connect you to the local Ink Jet dealer who can offer you the printer itself together with needed supplies.

To help you transition from manual Agar filling to automated Agar pouring check our Cost Savings and Return on Investment R.O.I calculator

Features and Benefits

Fast and reliable operation guides smooth transition
Smooth perfect agar due to the double headed pump design
Minimal down-time with the removable racks
Easy operation with a friendly color touch screen
Safe and effortless dish loading and unloading
Fits any bench space due to a small foot print
Easy cleaning process due to ergonomic design and easy access
High sterility at pouring area due to well positioned UV light (w. safety switch)

Technical data

Electrical data

Supply Voltage: mains voltage85 – 132 VAC and 176 – 264 VAC47 – 63 Hz.
Power Consumption40VA
Mains Fusing250VAC / 3.15A Slow – Blow

Mechanical data and environment

Ambient Temperature+5ºC to 45ºCAlso during transport.
SupportSturdy support surface with a load-bearing capacity of at least 50 Kg.
Pollution SeverityII
Safety ClassIP 21
Hi, I’m Neutecelicus B

Performance Parameters

Suitable dish Diameters
89 – 96 mm.
Suitable Dish Heights
14 – 20.5 mm.
Dosing Quantity
1.0 – 99.9 ml.
Dosing Accuracy
Approx. 2%
Delivery Rate
Approx. 800 ml. / min.
Filling Capacity
20 Dishes / 1.5 min.(15 ml)
Filling Cycle Delay
0.5 – 9.9 Seconds
0 – 1.0 seconds
UV Contamination Safety Lamp
253.7 nm. (0.6 Wuvc)
Direct Dish Throughput
Quantity of Dishes per Stack
1 – 20 Dishes per Stack
Graphic Display
240 x 128 Pixels
With led backlighting

Footswitch (Option)
The footswitch contacts are designed as normally open contacts (NO contacts)
Interfaces (Option)

Connection to host
BioLink (laboratory device communication)
Unit Dimensions w. Racks (L*W*H)
69*63*69 cm / 27*25*27 inch
58 kg / 130 Lb Net

Shipping Dimensions
84*74*76 cm / 33*30*31 inch
74 kg / 166 Lb Boxed

Item Number

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Petriswiss 200/400 information leaflet

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PS200 Agar/Media Carousel Filler


We run 250 students through our general microbiology course each semester. Prep room space is always at a premium. The PS20 allows the same amount of plates to be made with about 10 feet of counter space. We save time repackaging our agar filled plates because the plates are automatically stacked by the instrument. We have not had any contamination problems because the lid is removed for a very short time under the instrument’s UV light. My tech says that the entire process is quicker than manual pouring because we can make bigger batches without contamination worries.
Joel Watkins
Laboratory Coordinator, Schoolcraft College
PetriSwiss Mini PS 20, what an agar filler time saver. Just push a button and walk away. It couldn’t be easier, and it has the flexibility to adapt to any situation..
John Blizard
College of Southern Nevada
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