Agar/Media Filler PS20

A flexible agar petri dish filler for small batches which automatically fills and stacks small batches of petri plates. Easy to operate and clean!

Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG
SKU: 800000

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A flexible agar petri dish filler for small batches which automatically fills and stacks small batches of petri plates. This petri dish filling system is easy to operate and clean! Among its highlights, BioTool’s PS20 media filler fills 20 dishes directly into its PetriRack in less than two minutes. There is no need for manual stacking or any other manual operation. The filled dishes are safely stacked in the PetriRack and can be transported, chilled or incubated in the rack. Additionally, its fully autoclavable rack means that the dishes can be taken from the rack continuously. New rack = new batch! With this compact laboratory solution, BioTool has responded to frequent customer requests for a more compact and yet flexible filling unit. It is ideal for the production of small, special-purpose agar batches.

Despite the compact size, this smaller filling system solution does not disappoint. It is a fully automatic, very precise Petri dish filling system. Nor is it in any way deficient to larger models relative to pump delivery, operator prompting or software options. The PS20 provides ease of use applications that include dish feeding, single dosing, stacking, and dish discharging. Perhaps the chief value of the PS20 petri dish filling system is that it delivers precisely automated operations to enhance the productivity of your laboratory and potentially to reduce overhead.

Biotool Swiss is a brand that prides itself in applying the latest product technologies meant to increase media kitchen productivity. Neutec Group has been proud to provide their innovative agar plate filler systems to our customers throughout North America. This compact footprint media filler (PS20) is recommended for smaller lots, of 20 plates per batch. It is highly recommended for pouring small or special-purpose agar batches. It was designed to be far more flexible, versatile and user friendly than petri dish filling systems that utilized carousel petri dish fillers. It offers users state-of-the-art agar filling technology, including optional text/barcode label printing, changeable options for dish height stacking. The PS20 fills 20 dishes directly in the Petri rack. This means that there is no need for additional manual stacking at either end of the process. This petri dish filling system has been engineered for batch, or continuous operation with minimal downtime.

Biotool Swiss’ PS20 media filler is a unique laboratory solution that has been developed for customers who require a compact, yet more flexible-filling unit.

The media filler is now compatible with: 90mm and 60mm plates diameter and 15 and 25mm deep plates!

Agar/Media Filler PS20 Features and Benefits

Ease of operation includes software guides for smoother transitions
Allows for freely selected (1 to 20 dishes/stack) dish stacks to accommodate required height stack
Petri Dish Filling System accommodates any beveled edge / automation plates
High sterility at pouring area due to well-positioned UV light that includes a safety switch for increased reliability
Dual head pump creates smoother agar plates
Anti-drop mechanism prevents repels of agar
User-friendly touch screen allows for ease of use
Ergonomic design allows easy access to facilitate cleaning process
Occupies a compact footprint to fit any bench space

Technical data

Electrical data


Supply Voltage: mains voltage
85 – 132 VAC and 176 – 264 VAC
47 – 63 Hz.

Power Consumption
Mains Fusing
250VAC / 3.15A Slow – Blow

Mechanical data and environment

Dimensions LxWxH Unpacked
20.47 x 15.74 x 24.4 Inch
52 x40 x 62 cm

Dimensions LxWxH Packed
24.4 x 16.53 x 27.16 Inch
62 x 42 x 69 cm

Weight Standard 90mm
40.7 / 60.9 Lb
Unpacked / Packed

Weight Standard 60mm
40.7 / 60.9 Lb
Unpacked / Packed

Weight Standard 60/90mm
52.8 / 77 Lb
Unpacked / Packed

Ambient Temperature
+5ºC to 45ºC
Also during transport.

Sturdy support surface with a load-bearing capacity of at least 50 Kg.
Sound Pressure Level
Pollution Severity
Safety Class
IP 21

Performance Parameters


Suitable dish Diameters
89 – 96 mm.
Suitable Dish Heights14 – 20.5 mm.
Dosing Quantity1.0 – 99.9 ml.
Dosing AccuracyApprox. 2%
Delivery RateApprox. 800 ml. / min.
Filling Capacity
20 Dishes / 1.5 min.(15 ml)
Filling Cycle Delay
0.5 – 9.9 Seconds
0 – 1.0 seconds
UV Contamination Safety Lamp
253.7 nm. (0.6 Wuvc)
Direct Dish Throughput
Quantity of Dishes per Stack
1 – 20 Dishes per Stack
Graphic Display
240 x 128 Pixels
With led backlighting

Footswitch (Option)
The footswitch contacts are designed as normally open contacts (NO contacts)
Interfaces (Option)

Connection to host
BioLink (laboratory device communication)
Item Number PS 20 Standard 90mm800.000
Item Number PS 60  Special 60mm810.000
Item Number PS 60/90 Combo
810.000 Co

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PS20 Economy automated Agar / Media Filler


Propper Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a medical device manufacturing company specializing in the production of sterility assurance indicators. Last year, our microbiology laboratory invested in the Proficlave PC20 Media Preparator and Petriswiss PS20 automated petri dish filler. The return in our investment was immediate. Between the efficiencies gained, consistency in output between users, and overall minimal learning curve, the equipment has worked seamlessly. The staff at Neutec are very friendly, easy going, and most importantly, knowledgeable in both the equipment and laboratory operations.
Rufino Achacoso
VP Quality Operations, Propper Manufacturing Company
Originally, preparation of media for biological use was an all-day task with our old process. With the new units, the process is now much quicker and less labor intensive, and the overall process for making biological media was improved greatly.
Chandra Gobin
Laboratory Technician, Propper Manufacturing Company
PetriSwiss Mini PS 20, what an agar filler time saver. Just push a button and walk away. It couldn’t be easier, and it has the flexibility to adapt to any situation..
John Blizard
College of Southern Nevada
We run 250 students through our general microbiology course each semester. Prep room space is always at a premium. The PS20 allows the same amount of plates to be made with about 10 feet of counter space. We save time repackaging our agar filled plates because the plates are automatically stacked by the instrument. We have not had any contamination problems because the lid is removed for a very short time under the instrument’s UV light. My tech says that the entire process is quicker than manual pouring because we can make bigger batches without contamination worries.
Joel Watkins
Laboratory Coordinator, Schoolcraft College
I. S am p l e p r e p a r a t i o n II. A g ar p r e p a r a t i o n a n d p o u r i n g A g ar/ M e d i a S t e r i li z a t i o n/ P r e p a r a t i o n XY (Z) T u b e & B o tt l e F i l l e r A g ar/ M e d i a F i ll i n g/ P o u r i n g A g ar P l a t e s S am p l e H o m o g e niz i n g S am p l e D i lu t i o n Y o ur S am p l e III. S p i r a l p l a t i n g C o l o n y C o un t i n g I V . A u t o m a t e d c o l o n y c o un t i n g R e s u l t s S am p l e I n o c u l a t i o n