Agar/Media Filler PS900

A linear agar petri dish filler, the PS900 can fill up to 900 Petri dishes per hour (15ml/plate). Petri dishes move from station to station: from the stacking unit – to the high sterility filling chamber – through media smoothing – to the height stacking area.

Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG
SKU: 900000


Neutec Group is proud to offer innovative agar plate filler systems by Biotool Swiss. This series of fillers offers state-of-the-art agar filling technology and includes changeable dish height stacking, and a touch screen. The PS900 linear filler can fill Up to 900 plates per hour capacity (15ml per plate)!

This large batch system media filler machine was designed to be more flexible as compared to carrousel fillers. It will accommodate up to 20 dishes per stack and the stack height may be selected as needed. The unit is user friendly and engineered for batch, or continuous operation with minimal down time.

The Petri dish is transported on a conveyor belt from station to station – from filling in the decontamination chamber, through media smoothing, up to the stacking area. All these functions can be manipulated by the operator.

The PS900 media filling machine can be connected to any ink jet printer. This allows for dish customization and printing of information such as barcodes, batch numbers, dates and times, or the sample ID as required.

To help you transition from manual Agar filling to automated Agar pouring check our Cost Savings and Return on Investment R.O.I calculator. For more information regarding the Biotool Swiss media filling machine or any of the other products in our catalog, contact Neutec Group at 1-888-810-5179.

This is the most ergonomic user-friendly filler that allows the easiest stacking and un-stacking of plates, as compared to a carousel media filler 

The PS900 can be connected to an external Ink Jet that will print on the dish information such as sample ID, batch number, date or a barcode. If this is a requirement, the unit will need to be pre-ordered from the factory as “printer ready” and we will be happy to connect you to the local Ink Jet dealer who can offer you the printer itself together with necessary supplies.

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Features and Benefits

Easy operation software guides smooth transition
Dish stacks of required height stack height can be freely selected (1 to 20 dishes/stack)
Media smoothing allows you to optimize the filling temperature
System utilizes beveled edge / automation plates
High sterility at pouring area due to well positioned UV light (w. safety switch)
Smoother agar plates using dual head pump
Repels of agar prevented by an anti drop mechanism
Easy operation by a friendly touch screen
Easy cleaning process due to ergonomic design and easy access

Technical data

Electrical data

Supply Voltage: mains voltage115VAC +/- 10%
230VAC +/- 10%
50/60 Hz
50/60 Hz
Current Consumption230VAC – 210mA / 360mA
115VAC – 310mA / 560mA
Standby / Operation
Standby / Operation
Power Consumption45VA / 80VAStandby / Operation
Mains Fusing InternalConnection

Power Pack
250V / 3.15A Slow – Blow

4.0A Quick – Action
Fuse in inlet connector for non- heating appliances
Fuse on internal power pack

Mechanical data and environment

Dimensions WxHxD(No Table)47.24 x 28 x 23.62 inch1200x710x600 mm.
Dimensions WxHxD(With Table & Back wall)70.86 x 30.31x 23.62 inch1800x770x600 mm.
Dimensions Packed  LxWxH49.21×28.34×35.43 inch1250x720x900 mm
Weight176 / 226 LBnot including packaging / Including packaging
Weight with table & back wall220 / 250.8 LBnot including packaging / Including packaging
Ambient Temperature+5ºC to 45ºC 
Sound Pressure Level 
Pollution SeverityII 
Safety ClassIP 21 

Performance Parameters

Suitable dish Diameters89 – 96 mm. 
Suitable Dish Heights14 – 20.5 mm. 
Dish Store400 ea. 
Dosing Quantity1.0 – 99.9 ml. 
Dosing Accuracy / Reproducibility1% 
Delivery Rate600 ml. / min. 
Filling Capacity900 Dishes / Hour (15 ml) 
Filling Stroke Delay0 – 9.9 Seconds 
AntiDrop0 – 1.0 seconds 
UV Contamination Safety Lamp253.7 nm. (0.6 Wuvc) 
Programmable Printed Texts12 
Media SmoothingYes 
Direct Dish ThroughputYes 
Quantity of Dishes per Stack1 – 20 Dishes per Stack 
Dish Quantity on Discharge Table500 ea. 
Graphic Display240 x 128 PixelsWith led backlighting
Connection to host
BioLink (laboratory device communication)

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We purchased a PS900 (and PS20) at Nassau Community College to help automate our media production. This purchase hands down is one of the best purchases we have made. The PS900 has increased our productivity in the lab. Freeing up time to take care of other essential tasks we need to accomplish throughout the day. One of my favorite features of the PS900 is the fact that I can set the stack height of plates to a desired number then with our old carousel. For us this was extremely helpful because media sets and is ready for class in no time! Thank you Kimi and the rest of the awesome group of people at Neutec for all your help and guidance.
Michele L
Nassau Community College
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much The Georgia Poultry loves our Petri Swiss 900. After years of battling with the Carousal pourer it’s amazing how simple getting twice as much work done in a much shorter time has become. Also I would really like to thank Luc - our Neutec Service Engineer for always doing such a great job taking care of our machine. He is one of the most knowledgeable and gracious young men I’ve seen in a long time. What a great asset for us all. Thanks again.
Donna Standridge
Georgia Poultry
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