Agar / Media Fillers & Preparators

Neutec Group is proud to offer innovative Agar Plate Fillers / Media Preparation systems by Biotool Swiss. This new series of Media fillers and Agar Preparators and sterilization equipment offers state of the art technology that includes optional text/bar code printing on every plate and programmable dish height stacking. Touch screen programming is standard on every Biotool instrument. It incorporates easy to follow menu instructions so the user does not need a Manual. Backlit graphic display for perfect read-off. Automatic device self-diagnosis ensures that the system is ready for operation even before the process is started.

These innovative agar pouring systems consist of an Economical version - the PS20, Carrousel Agar filler - the PS 200 (NEW) and a large capacity Agar Filling System- the PS900. These media plate fillers are designed to be much more flexible and reliable compared to traditional carrousel media and agar fillers. Our Media pourers are user friendly and engineered for batch, or continuous operation with minimal down time.

The Media Preparator / Sterilizers family consist of a 10 liter capacity unit and a 20 liter media capacity unit that can make media automation and preparation of plain or complex vitamin / blood agar formulations, easier and faster than ever.


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