Financing Your Equipment Purchase

Financing your equipment purchase

As a market leader in implementation of innovative technologies in quality control, and research and development laboratories, we want to make sure we assist you to the best of our ability. Toward that goal, we have now partnered with a leading financing organization, enabling us to offer 12-60 month payment plans on purchases.* 

Why you should finance:

  • You can free up your working capital: When you finance equipment instead of exhausting cash accounts on fixed assets, you are free to use your capital for other income producing expenses. This improved cash flow enables increased productivity while keeping your funds liquid. 
  • You can purchase today’s technology on the spot: If you don’t have the full amount for a new piece of equipment, financing can help you get modern technology without taking a huge hit to your savings. 
  • You can get more than one piece of equipment: By financing you can afford additional equipment, as payments may come out of several budget years. 

and a member of the North Star team will get back to you shortly!

* – Financing is through North Star Leasing Company, an independent third-party. All financing decisions are made by, and all financing transactions are with, North Star Leasing Company, and Neutec Group, Inc. is not part of nor involved with such financing.