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Petri dishes are laboratory and research facility staples as these are used to study a wide range of microbial cell cultures. They may be filled manually or through the use of automated media fillers with an array of media substances. Depending on the anticipated results, the media types may include virucides, bactericides, and/or fungicides. Agar is a common choice. Additionally, in every research facility and laboratory, agar plates have been the standard solid support material for growing microorganisms. This microbial growth media contains nutrients and an energy source to fuel the microbes as they grow, while agar is introduced into the petri dishes to keep the media in a semi-solid, gel-like state. However, depending on the size of the facility and the number of researchers assigned to the task, pouring these dishes by hand, in effect a manual petri dish filling system, is both physically taxing and time-consuming.

This is where the acquisition of an automated petri dish filling system can be an ideal addition to any research laboratory. These agar plate pourers/petri dish fillers are designed to make short work of this tedious task. Automated agar plate pourers will fill petri dishes quickly, and depending on the model, these petri dish filling systems will fill hundreds of petri dishes in an hour all while maintaining the most rigorous laboratory requirements to maintain sterility. Additionally, there are models of automatic plate pourer media plate fillers that have been configured to support multiple types of petri dishes, along with easy changeover functionality. This equipment is a powerful tool and will be a welcome addition to any research/laboratory facility. Regardless of the facility size and budget considerations, there is an automatic plate pourer media plate/petri dish filling system that meets their exacting requirements.

Biotool Swiss is the leading manufacturer of this specialized equipment. The company offers several models of automatic plate pourer media plate fillers that have set the industry standard. Their models have been designed to fit the needs and requirements of small, mid-sized, as well as large research and quality control laboratories. The line offers the PS20 automatic agar plate pourer, which is ideal for small batch studies, and the Carousel Agar filler – the PS 200 / 400 whose features include revolving tower rack storage of the filled plates, and a medium-size capacity. Biotool Swiss’ largest automatic agar plate pourer, is the PS900 petri dish filling system which fills up to 900 agar petri dishes per hour.

Neutec Group is proud to offer the largest selection of automated agar plate pouring systems in the marketplace by Biotool Swiss. This series of Media fillers, offers state-of-the-art media preparation technology that includes optional text/bar code printing on every agar plate and programmable dish height stacking. Touch screen programming is standard on every Biotool instrument. A manual, backlit graphic display for perfect read-off and automatic device self-diagnosis ensures that the system is ready for operation before the process is started. An automatic plate pourer media plates/petri dish filling system can revolutionize plate pouring processes for your researchers. To help you transition from manual Agar plate filling to automated Agar plate pouring, check our Cost Savings and Return on Investment R.O.I calculator. These calculations will enable you to determine which of the following plate pouring systems are the optimal choice for your current needs.


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These innovative automated plate pouring systems, consist of an Economical version – the PS20 automatic plate pourer, Carousel Agar filler – the PS 200 / 400  automatic plate pourer and a large capacity Agar Filling System- the PS900 automatic agar plate pourer. They are designed to be much more flexible and reliable compared to traditional carrousel compared to traditional carrousel media and agar fillers. Media automatic plate pourers are user-friendly and engineered for batch, or continuous operation with minimal downtime.


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This line-up of agar/media fillers offers seamless continuity to the previous step involving the preparation of media/agar – the Media Preparator / Sterilizers family, consists of a 15 liter media capacity unit that can automate the media preparation of plain or complex vitamin / blood agar formulations easier and faster than ever.

When larger batches are required, Neutec Group is proud to offer a full line of laboratory and pilot scale media and agar petri dish preparators  – from 30 liter to 400 liter – we can help you sterilize your agar or buffers in the most effective economic and productive way – press here to learn more.

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Finally, we offer an affordable and broad line of Sterilizers and Autoclaves should your lab prefer to use the more traditional agar/media preparation.

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The PS900 can pour up to 750 plates (12-15ml) per hour. The PS200 can pour up to 600 plates per hour (12-15ml). The PS20 can pour 20 plates in 2 minutes. (up to 600/hr).
PS900 – 600 ml/min. PS200 – 600 ml/min. PS20 – 800 ml/min. DP1000 – 1000ml/min.
The Biotool systems are truly “walk away” plate pouring systems. There are multiple sensors that detect if a plate is not present or upside down and will not pour unless all conditions are correct. When maintained well (cleaned and a yearly preventative maintanance done on the unit) there is very little operator intervention required during operation of the systems. The plates are automatically stacked at the required height (1 – 20) so the lab technician does not have to manually move the poured plate.
The plates are opened under UV light during the pouring stage preventing contamination during this process and kept open for only few seconds,. he lab technician is protected from the UV light by a protective cover with safety switch that turns off the UV light when the cover is open.
Yes - the systems can be connected to a media preparer such as the Proficlave PC10 / 20 to insure that the agar remains at the proper dispensing temperature, well stirred and sterile.
The Biotool PS900 and PS20 system uses 90 – 100mm beveled (automation) plates. We ask you to send one sleeve of your plates so we can adjust the system prior to the delivery to your laboratory. The PS200 filler works with most 90-100mm plates.
The Biotool systems are equipped with a dual head pump that eliminates air bubbles during the dispensing of media, keeping it smooth. in addition, the PS900 and PS200 systems are equipped with an additional vibration system to actively smooth the agar. These systems will produce smooth and level plates.
Yes, any of our systems can draw media from a flask or any other container. The Proficlave PC10 or 20 insures that the media is at the proper dispensing temperature, properly mixed and sterile.
Yes – the PS900 system can accommodate any stack height from a single plate up to 20 plates.
Yes – the systems let you choose any stack height from 1 to 20 (remember, lower stacks will cool faster due to smaller heat residue).
Yes, we offer a wide range of leasing program for small monthly installments, call our Toll Free number 1-888-810-5179 for more information and lease programs.
Yes, most units are offered a rent/lease for short periods of time for evaluation purposes based on availability. Call our Toll Free number 1-888-810-5179 for more information and lease programs.
The PC10 media preparator can make up to 9L of media on one run. The PC20 media preparator can make up to 16L of media on one run.
The PC10 / PC20 family of Media Preparators keeps the temperature stable for hours in the dispensing mode and ready to pour whenever you are ready.
The PS200 automated agar filler can hold up to 200 dishes at once and can be unloaded and reloaded during a run using our unique magnetic rack system. Maximum throughput would be approximately 800 dishes per hour.
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