Proficlave PCX Table top Media Preparator

Table top model of up to 16 liters media capacity. Can accommodate plain or complex vitamin / blood added agar formulations

Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG


Proficlave PCX Media Agar Preparator

Drawing upon many years of experience with the needs of laboratories, and through consultation with leading researchers, BioTool AG has developed a new generation of high-quality agar and media preparation instruments and media sterilizers with enhanced performance and reliability to accelerate the workflow in your laboratory. 

With our Proficlave PCX you can prepare up to 16 liters of plain or complex vitamin/blood added agar formulations, easier and faster than ever.

Enhanced user programming capabilities, operating parameter download, external control functions (front panel connection), best stirring control, and full metal housing, all make the Proficlave the best media preparator in its class! It accurately maintains the agar’s temperature in any stage of the single or double cycle process, making sure that the media is sterilized and does not solidify.

It is equipped with intuitive intelligent software, accessible via a convenient touch screen, so that training on usage of the Proficlave PCX is easy.

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Features and Benefits

Prepares agar from 2.5 up to 15.5 liters, stirred and temperature controlled
Vessel access is amazingly simple – no bolts or tools required
Stores up to 100 individual user-defined programs 
Water jacket design enables even heating within the vessel
Fully controlled stirrer with variable speeds and enhanced magnetic coupling w/o seals or shafts
PT100 controlled temperature probe for agar & surrounding water jacket
Easy vessel access – no bolts or tools required
Multiple purpose (agar and media preparation, media sterilizer, bench top autoclave and stable water bath) Timer function enabling Agar pouring at work starting point
Unique atmospheric pressure measures and boiling point correction for reliable sterilization

Technical data

Design adapted to laboratory needs, with isolated swing-in pressure cover and easy to clean stainless steel surfaces

Dimensions: W x D x H, cover closed / open (mm) 560 x 500 x 580 / 830
 Capacity: Ideal working volume in media preparation mode 2.5 – 15.5 L
 Economy: Low residual (dead) volume via self centering decanting tube < 100 ml

Process-optimized accesses and simplifying media production equipment, process convenience

Self centering cover lock with inflatable door seal and snap-in safety latch Yes
 Extra port for addition of additives (Septum & large thread portP)Yes
 Stainless steel quality of all medium touching components / housing1.4404 / 1.4301
 Water level automatically measured and displayed on screenYes
Easy cleaning with no heating elements in the pressure vessel Yes
Continuous mixing via magnetic stirrerStepless selection
Highly effective heating and cooling, integrated pressure boiler and heat exchanger moduleYes
Heating capacity3.5 kWh

Highest safety equipment

Safety valve for pressure relief and overtemperature protection Yes 
Auotlock ports, isolated cover and pressure cover with snap-in safety latchYes

Software, user access, interactive display

Large 7″ capacitive full color touch screen Yes
Program capacity100 individual programs
Interactive program display with retrievable current process informationYes
USB (data output), RS232 / Ethernet (Optional) Yes

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PCX Proficlave Autoclave and Media Preparator
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