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Agriculture and Biotechnology Research Equipment Solutions

Agricultural and Biotechnology Research provides farmers with the tools that allow them to manage and grow crops more sustainably and at lower cost. The goal is to enable farmers to grow more food on smaller parcels of land by utilizing farming practices that are environmentally sustainable. Through the use of Neutec’s agriculture lab equipment such as Single Cell – Viability and Analysis – Ampha Impedance Flow Cytometry, varieties can be developed that provide greater yields per acre.

Additional benefits of agricultural research include the development of plants that are naturally more disease and pest resistant, improved farming techniques to increase soil conservation, and less reliance on chemicals and gas-powered equipment to name a few. These advances are achieved more quickly through the combination of both traditional breeding strategies and biotechnology.

Essentially, Neutec’s role as agricultural research equipment suppliers is to provide advanced lab equipment that complements and facilitates research efforts to increase food supplies, optimize farm income, and reduce any damage to ecology and the environment.

One important agriculture research instrument, the VML4 Multi Spectral Imager, assists companies involved in seed research and development to quantify and qualify seed quality, seed germination, rootlet growth, photosynthesis and much more. In addition, the VML4 can assist with Fusarium detection as well as barley hydration and germination studies for brewing and malting. It also can perform variety checks and auto seed sorting by size, shape, color, and translucency. The VML4 can determine and provide phenotypical information on seed quality, germination, coatings, skinning, and hydration. The instrument provides a rapid assessment of samples with varying degrees of homogeneity by combining information on many parameters both quickly (within seconds) and automatically.

On the pharma end, it has been used to identify fake packaging and drugs, assists in quality assessment and qualification of raw materials and end products. Counterfeit goods pose serious health risks. The VML4 is invaluable when identifying counterfeit packaging due to its capability to identify which batch numbers are suspect. Another role for the VML is to provide manufacturers with guidelines that enable the development of more secure packaging. Mistakes in packaging material is typically the first forensic pointer to counterfeits. Neutec’s VML4 is an essential research tool that supports the quality and authenticity of pharmaceutical products.

For routine QC and field work, the VML4’s precise engineering and easy-to-follow processing algorithms allows the development of new brand protection strategies. Accurate results are available almost immediately via the simple interface, fast analysis time and straightforward pass/fail means. The VML4 is a vital tool for protecting against public health hazards, ensuring brand integrity, and bringing counterfeiters to justice. In conclusion: The VML4’s multispectral imaging enables implementation of the highest supply chain management standards.

An additional example of Neutec’s state-of-the-art agriculture lab equipment is our automated cell counter, the Amphasys Z32, which provides seed companies and breeders with a powerful tool to analyze pollen viability. The data from this instrument assists them in increasing the yield of high-quality seeds and reducing production costs and overhead. This new-generation flow cytometer plug and play device is both easy to use and versatile. There are no optics which minimizes set-up times and reduces the need for device maintenance. Neutec’s Amphasys Z32 uses latest generation digital signal processing electronics to achieve best-of-class impedance analysis on single cells. Our Amphasys Z32 is compact, yet robust making it ideal for lab and field work. Designed initially for research purposes, Amphasys Z32 is also recommended for routine applications where high-quality data and ease-of-use are major requirements.

Another key piece of agriculture lab equipment is the PetriSphere Gas-System which generates atmospheres suitable for the culturing of anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic bacteria in common anaerobic jars. As a leading agricultural research equipment suppliers, Neutec recommends the Biotool Swiss PetriSphere Gas-System, which consists of a microprocessor-based controller connected with a diaphragm vacuum pump and a nitrogen gas reservoir. The requisite vacuum, gas exchange pressure and number of cycles are easily programmed at the controller keypad. The PetriSphere Gas-System additionally offers fully automatic, push button starting. To summarize, the PetriSphere system is cost-effective and easy to use.

Neutec’s agriculture lab equipment inventory also includes Water and Air samplers. See below for additional information.

All of Neutec Group’s products are manufactured to the highest quality and backed by factory warranties and renowned application and technical support. Each has been designed to reduce labor costs and to enhance lab productivity. As one of the leading agricultural research equipment suppliers in North America, Neutec invites you to contact us with your laboratory equipment requirements

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