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Food & Feed Science Equipment Solutions

Food scientists and technologists apply numerous scientific disciplines, among them chemistry, engineering, microbiology, epidemiology, nutrition, and molecular biology to study food and raw food materials. Their goal is to improve the safety, nutrition, wholesomeness, and availability of food for animals and humans. Precise and accurate measurements using the highest quality food laboratory equipment are vital to this function. Neutec Group offers a wide range of food science lab equipment solutions for the Food and Feed microbiology and chemistry laboratories, used in the monitoring of raw and processed products. Our food lab equipment includes instruments that are involved in many steps of the workflow; sample preparation, mixing, dilutions, agar preparation and pouring, inoculation, automatic colony counting, Nitrogen and raw fiber determination, solvent extractions, shelf life tests and water activity measurement.

Our innovative Spectral imaging helps many Food Labs gather important sample information, collect, compare and analyze it to help improve process and product quality.

You can fully rely on our in-house and field professionals to offer you the highest level of technical and application support as you learn about our food science equipment solutions and implement these technologies in your lab.

Agar/Media Fillers

Used in the study of a broad range of microbial cell cultures, Petri dishes are staple media items found in every laboratory as well as research facility. Manual Petri dish preparation, however, can be both tedious as well as produce inaccurate results. Neutec offers a range of automatic media filler models with a range of features that will produce optimal results and provide the food science equipment solutions that will prove ideal for every food science laboratory.

Air Samplers

Air Samplers are essential food science lab equipment as these instruments enable microbiologists to determine the sources and extent of contamination in raw food materials, water, and other substances. Air is the one factor that is present within and around all known sources of contamination. Determining the microbiology of air is essential in the feed and food industry for example, in bakeries, high levels of airborne fungal spores (yeast is one known source) may have a negative impact on the shelf life of bakery products and contribute to the syndrome known as a ‘sick building’. Neutec offers Air Sampler models that produce quantitative data for further analysis. This integral food laboratory equipment includes a range of portable Air Samplers that will enable feed and food scientists to monitor and prevent cross-contamination of raw materials and finished products and ensure that a clean workspace is maintained.

Water Activity Measurement

Relative to the manufacture of feed and food products, water activity, which indicates the energy of water, can affect a food product’s appearance, taste, nutritional value, as well as its shelf life. The food industry is highly regulated, therefore, it is essential that food scientists identify the ideal water activity levels for every feed and food product to identify the lowest microorganism thresholds to minimize risks that affect food purity and its shelf life. Neutec offers a range of food lab equipment that includes Water Activity Measurement Models to meet every need and budget. These offer both a wide application range and meet stringent ISO requirements.

Paddle Blender/Masticator/Silver Digital Display

Paddle Blenders are used by microbiologists in applications that extract and wash intact microbes from raw food materials into a solution. The instrument applies pressure to solid and semi-solid samples that are inside sterile bags. As common food science lab equipment, this instrument is also found in environmental laboratories, as well as life science research labs. In the food industry in particular, Paddle Blenders are primarily used to manufacture meat products, such as hamburgers. They are also used in the production of confectionery products, yeast and cheese production, as well as animal feeds. Neutec’s IUL models carry a 3-year warranty and are designed for rigorous use.

Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000

Many once tedious manual tasks have been supplanted by the use of automated food laboratory equipment. One such example is the BioTool Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000.

Its function is simple- it eliminates the need for lab technicians to manually fill test tubes and bottles. This precise instrument is widely used as food science equipment, however in recent years it has played a pivotal role as instrumentation used in over 30 COVID-19 testing laboratories in the United States and Canada.

Neutec offers superior food science equipment from the best manufacturers to support research across a broad range of industries. To expand or upgrade your facilities, contact Neutec and our representatives will be pleased to assist you.

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