Clinical Laboratory Equipment Solutions

Clinical microbiology laboratories provide an essential service in patient care. Their research discovers the cause of infection and antimicrobial susceptibility data for physicians. It is their rapid diagnosis of pathogens that is crucial to initiate an effective antibiotic treatment to ensure both patient recovery and an optimal outcome. During the recent global pandemic, for example, Public Health microbiology laboratories played a central role in the detection, monitoring, outbreak response, and the delivery of scientific evidence to prevent, alleviate, and to control infectious diseases including COVID19 and Noroviruses. Aiding scientists, researchers, and medical technologists in every clinical lab are equipment, tools, and devices. Such clinical laboratory equipment encompasses a range of tools and devices. There are 5 categories of essential laboratory apparatus used to perform daily tasks which range from:

  • Measuring tools such as glass beakers and pipette for measuring liquids.
  • Heating devices including Bunsen burners and hot plates for heating substances.
  • Glassware which includes flasks and test tubes to mix chemicals.
  • Protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles.
  • Clinical Laboratory Instruments, such as analytical instruments including microscopes and spectrometers, for detailed sample analyses.

Superior quality clinical lab equipment enhances and ensures the highest quality results. The success of every research inquiry is abetted by the use of the most accurate clinical lab instruments available. Neutec offers the leading brands of scientific and clinical lab equipment that are essential to enabling daily performance at the highest levels.

For the Clinical microbiology laboratories, Neutec Group offers a wide range of equipment solutions for the monitoring of raw and processed products. Our instruments are involved in many areas of the workflow; sample preparation, agar preparation and pouring. The Polystainer automatic slide stainer, is widely used in staining procedures, making it simple, quick and offer critical time savings. Our PetriSphere anaerobic gas system is used for creating anaerobic or microaerophilic environments quickly and with full reproducibility.

We offer a large range of Centrifuges to assist the busy lab. You can fully rely on our in-house and field professionals to offer you the highest level of technical and application support as you learn about our Clinical Laboratory Instrument solutions and implement these technologies in your lab.

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