Dilutors 3

Dilugent Shaker System

Serial dilution system with pre-filled 9ml buffer tubes

This diligent shaker system guides researchers through the serial dilution process. The instrument features 42 prefilled wells which ensure fill accuracy. In addition, the display clearly indicates the precise point in the dilution series to minimize the possibility of user error. This diluter also allows laboratory personnel to customize their testing programs by saving up to 10 different templates. This is a cost-saving measure as it can reduce overhead through greater efficiency. Lastly, the Dilugent Shaker System offers full traceability as it saves key data relative to each batch, including:

  • The operator ID.
  • The sample ID.
  • The shaking duration.
  • Tts rotation speed.
  • The number of dilutions per sample.
  • The day and time of each dilution.

Neutec offers three Dilugent Shaker models, one or more will be ideal to meet your laboratory requirements.

Pinch Diluter / Gravimetric Dilutor

Economical bag dilution device by gravity

Neutec offers a Pinch Dilutor that is both economical and simple to use. The instrument features automated gravimetric dilutions to end manual dilutions with that processes’ probability for increased user error. Its workflow is simple, thereby saving time, while increasing accuracy. This diluter features a small footprint making it ideal for smaller laboratories where counter space is at a premium. It is a preferred solution to automate initial dilution samples. The Pinch Dilutor provides quiet operation, sample accuracy, and speed. The instrument completes its task within seconds.

Initially designed for use with bags, a new bottle holder accessory allows the instrument to drive diluents from either ready-to-use media bags or bottles with ease.

Smart Dilutor / Gravimetric Diluter

Bag and flask dilutions with a built-in pump and balance

The Smart Dilutor from IUL-Instruments will automate and therefore facilitate the gravimetric dilution of samples with greater precision as part of this key process stage in microbiology labs. The instrument includes a peristaltic pump with a precision load cell, that enables both rapid and highly accurate sample dilution to a preset factor. The pre-sterilized sample bag is attached to its holder, which additionally serves as the weighing platform. This makes the process simple to operate and control. The instrument can be disassembled for cleaning easily as well.  Additional features include:

  • A user-friendly touch pad makes dilution control simple and precise.
  • A two-pump option with simultaneous controlled additions of 2 diluents to minimize fill time is available.
  • Gravimetric Diluter may be used in simple dispensing mode to achieve set volumes.
  • Instrument has interfaces for printer, barcode reader, and external computer to allow for storage and output of traceable sample documentation.
  • Selectable surface vibration compensation levels.

A diluter device ensures precision, speed, the sterility of sample handling, as well as detailed tracking of every procedure. Neutec Group offers a wide selection of dilutors for the busy microbiology lab to automate and therefore streamline the sample preparation process. The value of these instruments to your laboratory facility include:

  • Increases your laboratory’s productivity.
  • Ensures accurate dilutions and reduces contamination risks.
  • Saves time and money!
  • Avoids time-consuming preparation and sterilization in bottles.
  • Drastically reduces the cost-per-sample ratio.
  • Provides tractability.

What solution is best for my application?

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