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A selection of colony counter models to choose ranging from manual to fully automated

Colony Counting is an integral part of any microbiology lab workflow. It is considered a very tedious, repetitive activity that requires know-how and must be completed by a well-trained lab technician. Manual recording of results requires retyping them into a lab LIM system, which contributes to errors and non-conformity.

An automated colony counter reduces counting time from minutes to seconds, eliminates recording errors, and standardizes counting across different users.

We assist many microbiology laboratories with this tedious yet essential task, by offering the widest range of automatic colony counters – from basic manual to semi-automated to a fully automated robotic colony counter. You can find additional information about counting manually vs using an automated colony counter here.

The SphereFlash® – automated colony counter grows and adapts with your specific requirements.  Our automated colony counter can be upgraded using different software tiers, based on the level of automation, security and features required within the microbiology lab. With numerous SphereFlash® automated colony counter units installed in a variety of microbiology laboratories in industries such as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech, and Academia, the IUL SphereFlash® automatic colony counter utilizes cutting edge technology lighting conditions and intelligent software which make the day-to-day work extremely user friendly.

Our automated colony counters are upgradeable as they grow and adapt to the specifications and needs of your microbiology laboratory.  They will allow you to achieve:

  • Unprecedented uniformity
  • Accurate repeatable count results within minutes
  • Advanced user management and audit trail (as they are CFR Part 11 compatible)
  • Results management and protocol customization.

With numerous colony counter units installed in a variety of microbiology laboratories within industries such as Environmental, Food, Pharma and Biotech, they have become a standard in colony counting.

Our in-house team of specialists and highly trained engineers will take care of servicing, maintaining, and calibrating the equipment for you. Let us know if you need any assistance!

What solution is best for my application?

Frequently Asked Questions

The SphereFlash colony counter software can save data in a Microsoft Excel friendly format – CSV and XML. Each result table is stored separately and can be named and cataloged by the user and get printed or saved in the chosen directory.
The SphereFlash Automated colony counter high resolution camera (USB 3.0 DIGITAL) can detect colonies as small as 0.07mm.
Yes, first the spiral plate program is been chosen from a pre-set table that is already stored on the SphereFlash Automated colony counter (i.e. D49, E50) then Colonies in the outer “rings” of the spiral are counted. If the result is less than the minimum count needed (usually 25), the next “ring” will get counted as well. This process of counting “rings” towards the centre is continued until the minimum count is exceeded. Then the SphereFlash will calculate according to the given dilution factor and the spiral mode, the final result.
Customization of the result table is available in the SphereFlash Automated colony counter software ; a comment can be entered and displayed with the results, all the different parameters can be displayed and the storing location can be selected.
The automated colony counter SphereFlash can effectively count anything seen by the naked eye. Colonies that have a non spheric shape, such as fungal colonies may require manual adjustments.
The SphereFlash automated colony counter saves the result file in the folder designated by the administrator. The file (CSV or XML) can be eassily picked by any LIMs system and the results can be incorporated into the apporpiate fields.
The SphereFlash can work for measuring haloes of antibiotic inhibition zone. This friendly additional piece of software called "Haloes PRO Software" can be purchased with the basic SphereFlash software and hardware version and detect up to 6 zones per plate and calculate its diameters. The user role is to point the position of the Zone number 1 and from there, the SphereFlash will measure and record the diameter of inhibition.
Our automated Sphere Flash colony counter takes approximately 5 seconds to count per plate. This includes opening the plate and moving a plate in and out of the unit
The Sphere Flash software can be installed on most common PC's or laptop with some minimum requirments such as one USB 3.0 port. Using an external pc can able you to connect the system to a network and saving you money by using your own existing computer (if you chose to) that could be updated whenever the need arise or as technology progressed. Having a built-in computer was found to be a very limiting step that we eliminate by keeping the computer purchasing option for the user. We do offer Laptops with the software installed already as an option which will assure you a piece of mind. We do not recomend to use the laptop for multiple application at the same time as their could be conflicts between the software and drivers.
SphereFlash® Colonies Pro Software designed for more demanding users who require increased capabilities such as, setting user's permission levels, LIMs connectivity, working with worksheets, Barcode reading, Reporting, audit trail and CFR21Part 11 compliance.
Verification disks with known number of colonies are supplied with the SphereFlash automated colony counter - with a simple and quick calibration protocol that one would follow.
With the patented design of the SphereFlash colony counter, there is no interference from ambient light. The sphere comes down around the sample plate ensuring the best lighting conditions for optimized reading of plates. this mechanism is currently patent pending.
We offer IQ and OQ documentation that can be self performed by the user or upon request, Neutec service engineer can come on-site and perform the IQ/OQ procedure for you. PQ is usually written and performed by the lab personal.
Neutec Group stands behind all the instrument we offer and suggest a periodic preventative maintanance for each unit based on the usage and the lab requirments. Please consult with our service team who will be happy to offer you the program that fits your lab needs. We also offer service agreements and extended warranties. please inquire.
We are happy to offer a remote one on one webinar session to show you the features and benefits of the SphereFlash. Some labs choose to send us their plates and we can image and display the results during the demonstration. Upon request we offer a paid evaluation (usually minimum if two weeks) where we would send the SphereFlash unit and work with the lab (on-site or remotly) to train and assist during setup.
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