Application support

Neutec Group is committed to providing the most up-to-date and useful application support with the goal of assisting you in achieving the best product results. Our skilled team of application support specialists will help you in making the best use of our instruments with your specific applications. We can offer expert advice on analytical problems and further information on the official methods to be followed, when applicable.

Neutec Group’s team of Application Scientists can assist in improving product safety, quality, and shelf life through providing a better understanding of how these are impacted by water activity. Some of our offerings include:

Water Activity

  • Water activity full day training course on theory, measurement, and application
  • Training on water activity testing best practices
  • Assistance in setting SOP’s for water activity testing
  • Prediction of water activity based on addition of humectants
  • Investigate the causal factor for unexpected changes in water activity

Product Stability and Characterization

  • Predict moisture migration and its impact on product quality
  • Predict temperature effect on water activity
  • Establish ideal water activity release specifications
  • Glass transition determination using water activity
  • Interpretation of vapor sorption curves, both static and dynamic
  • Determine kinetics of sorption and moisture permeability

Product Shelf Life

  • Training on Shelf Life Simplified paradigm
  • Identification of most likely mode of failures for shelf life
  • Shelf life experimental design including accelerated shelf life testing
  • Chemical reaction rate prediction based on water activity and temperature
  • Development of shelf life models
  • Prediction of shelf life based on packaging permeability
  • Determine package permeability needed to achieve desired shelf life
  • Impact of storage conditions on product water activity

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What our customers say about our Application experts:

Javier Vinasco-Torres,
PhD. Research Scientist, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Texas A&M University.
«I would like to highlight the excellent service for our Eddy Jet Spiral Plater by your Service Engineer. He arrived on time to the place and followed our biosafety instructions. He shows proficiency on the instrument and answers very knowledgeable my questions about the device. The instrument is working very well. Additionally, he kindly helps with additional inquiries about the Flash & Go Automated colony counter. We are happy with the Neutec service.»
Donna Standridge,
Georgia Poultry, Atlanta, GA
«I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much The Georgia Poultry loves our Petri Swiss 900 agar filler. After years of battling with the Carousal pourer it’s amazing how simple getting twice as much work done in a much shorter time has become. Also I would really like to thank our Neutec Service Engineer for always doing such a great job taking care of our machine. He is one of the most knowledgeable and gracious young men I’ve seen in a long time. What a great asset for us all. Thanks again»
Martha Lopez,
Senior Application Technician, Dupont Nutrition and Health.
«I am highly pleased with your diligent manner of following up with us, demonstrating high work ethic, and commitment to your customers.»
Erika Thornton,
Clif Bar & Co, CA
«The visit from Dr. Brady Carter was extremely valuable to our technical team. He helped us gain a deeper understanding of how water activity relates to our specific products, how to correctly perform the tests and maintain our meters. We’ve been testing water activity for many years, but with his help, we will be able to use it more actively in both our product development and shelf life process. Dr. Carter was able to explain complex theories and calculations in a simple way and help us develop a practical action plan for our specific needs. – Erika Thornton, Clif Bar & Co, CA»