Water Activity Measurement


Labmaster Neo open 250pixWhat is Water Activity and why does Water Activity play such an important role in shelf life determination? 
Water activity or aW,  is the partial vapor pressure of water in a substance divided by the standard state partial vapor pressure of water. In the field of food science, the standard state is most often defined as the partial vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature. The use of water activity in industry is multifaceted but has mainly two goals: to ensure microbial safety and avoid water migration which can spoil texture and taste.  Read more >>

For over 40 years NOVASINA has been specializing in producing measurement instruments. They developed a unique electrolytic measuring chamber that enables highly accurate measurement of the relative equilibrium humidity of materials, respectively the water activity (aw-value). Novasina fully develops and produces precision measuring devices, proud of the “SWISS MADE” label, which guarantees customers the highest quality, innovation and longevity.

Neutec Group offers 3 levels of Water activity measurement meters, manufactured by Novasina:

The LabSwift-aw is a new portable water activity meter, which allows for an optimal cost efficiency with its measurement speed, accuracy and reproducibility. The optional battery of the LabSwift-aw allows measurement directly at the production line. A data logging function with SD card allows recording of all measurement data and protocols.

The LabTouch-aw, with its ergonomic design and the touch-screen, makes water activity measurements easier than ever before. Semi-temperature-control and active sample temperature measurements, by an integrated infrared sensor, provide the highest possible reliability of measurements.

The new LabMaster-aw is a professional, highly precise level water activity meter for food, pharmaceutical, chemical or cosmetic products. The LabMaster-aw utilizes intelligent resistive electrolyte sensor technology in combination with a precisely controlled temperature chamber. The LabMaster-aw can network with up to nine LabPartner-aw at satellite locations to form an integrated system of water activity instruments

The use of water activity meters for food would be most typical with: cheese, fruits, meats, pasta, chocolate and snack foods

Other applications would include: pet foods, paper, ink and pharmaceuticals

Backed by Neutec Group's reputable technical service level, the Novasina instruments will help assure your product quality!



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