Water Activity Measurement, Water Activity Meter for Food - Water Activity Meter LabSwift-aw

Lab Swift - Water Activity Meter

Economic Portable /Battery operated model * Precise Aw meter * No Temperature control

Manufacturer: Novasina, Swiss
SKU: 2600179

Portable precision measuring device for the determination of the water activity in food, cosmetics as well as pharmaceutical products. Versatile use in the laboratory or at the production line.

Large and clear LC display with indication of aw, temperature, stability factor and stability indication. The instrument is very robust, long term stable and widely maintenance free. The Novasina developed electrolytic measuring sensor enables a very accurate aw-value measurement.

The LabSwift-aw offers an optimal cost efficiency and impresses with its measurement speed, accuracy and reproducibility. The optional battery of the LabSwift-aw permits the measurement directly at the production line. A data logging function with SD card allows the record of all measurement data and protocols.

The accuracy can be verified with saturated salt standards at any time. The LabSwift-aw is delivered with a handy carrying case including all accessories.

filter and sensor

Technical data:

  • Measurement range: 0.03 ... 1.00 aw (3...100%rh) Temperature: 5°C....+45°C
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.002 aw (0.2%rh)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.01 aw (in the range 0.10 ... 0.95aw)

Application areas:
Food production and quality laboratories, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, chemistry

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Backed by Neutec Group's reputable technical service level, the Novasina instruments will assure your product quality!

Features and Benefits

Fast and accurate aw-value measurement
Simple handling, intuitive menu structure
Accurate electrolytic measuring technology
Data logger function with SD card
Tight volume-optimized measuring chamber
Laboratory and production application
Mobile use thanks to optional battery

SAL T standards savings

LabSwift-aw Info

Filter selection guide

Shelf Life Simplified: A Water Activity Based Approach


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  • We recently received a new LabSwift water activity meter. We have been using the meter and it works very well on our powders

  • The LabSwift Water activity meter is working good, Procedure is quite straightforward and easy and it assisting in our analysis

  • We recently received a new LabSwift water activity meter. We have been using the meter and it works very well on our powders.

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