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A selection of homogenizing bag mixers available for all applications and budgets.

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Paddle blenders are primarily used by microbiologists to extract intact microbes and wash them into solutions. These laboratory blender tools are used most often in food testing laboratories, environmental, pharmaceutical, veterinary, public and life science research labs. Paddle blenders are used to prepare samples for microbiological analysis. This tool is essential to ensure the quality control of samples to analyze raw materials, prototypes, and to aid in the control of finished products. They function through pressure and motion to expel bacteria and other microbes from a solid sample, which is then circulated into a solution. This solution provides the diluent that features homogeneously distributed microorganisms, which are ideal for accurate downstream analysis.

Neutec offers a thoughfully curated selection of laboratory blenders and  blender products, including selections from our industry’s highly regarded brand, IUL instruments’, family of reciprocating paddle lab Blender / bag homogenizing mixers. These models are available for all applications and budgets.These models are available for all applications and budgets.

While our selection of Masticator lab blenders are intended for use in the homogenization during microbiological testing, certain models are recommended for certain industries. For example, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical labs prefer to use 400 ml Masticator blenders for homogenizing 10 to 40 g of previously diluted samples. (In these applications, 400 mL bags with and without filters are recommended for optimal results.) The former can be used for pipetting debris-free homogenized liquid. These are recommended when homogenizations must yield sample suspensions with high amounts of larger-sized particles. However, basic mixers and compact models, such as the 80 mL Masticator are ideal for use in clinical, nutraceutical and life science labs that are involved in small sample tissue homogenization.

Note: After dilution, sample-containing bags should be stored in Portabag bag holders pending homogenization in Masticator lab blenders. Once homogenized, the Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater is used to reduce the number of plates processed. This process offers a threefold decimal dilution counting range in a single plate. Following incubation, plates are next automatically counted with the SphereFlash® automated colony counter. For those industries that require a larger volume sampling capacity, the MAXICATOR, featuring a 3.5 L volume capacity, offers the largest model in IUL’s paddle blender range, allowing for blending of large composite samples.

Reference the table below to determine the best model for your needs.

Lab Blender / bag homogenizer mixers are used for solid and semisolid samples by applying pressure to samples within sterile, disposable mixer bags (our Masticator homogenizing mixers accommodate most commercially available sterile mixer bags!), with unique metal spring paddle action.

Masticator paddle blenders allow the thorough homogenization of samples while isolating them from any contaminants. The Masticators’ high-quality, durable motors ensure safe and efficient homogenization. These tools are preferred for use in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories that require reliable homogenization that is free from any cross-contamination. The Masticator blenders disperse samples inside sterile bags using paddles. It is the paddles that drive a masticating action while moving the sample from side to side. This key step in sample preparation ensures homogeneous distribution of microorganisms throughout the diluent.

This homogenization is produced through a combination of crushing and stirring, bringing out seated organisms from tissues, organs, powders, creams, ointments, etc. and removing organisms from swabs, tissue biopsies, filters, fecal samples, and more.

With a tradition of more than 18 years, and choice of digital or analog timer and viewing window option, these Masticator lab Blender models incorporate state-of-the-art mechanics and small bench space due to long rather than wide design.

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