Water Activity Measurement, Water Activity Meter for Food - Water Activity meter LabTouch aw
Water Activity Measurement, Water Activity Meter for Food - Water Activity meter LabTouch aw

LabTouch - Water Activity Meter

Mid range Aw meter - our best seller

Manufacturer: Novasina
SKU: water-activity-labtouch-aw

Let’s welcome the next generation of high quality water activity meters made by Novasina. Touch a new world, driven by the ease of use and fast menu access by a touch-screen combined with a semi-temperature-stabilised measurement chamber for consistent and reproducible measurement results (aw-value). The latest sensor and measurement technology coupled with re-useable humidity calibration standards provide a very economical solution to precision water activity measurements . Furthermore, the standards are an easy method for double-checking the instrument and sensor’s high performance.
The LabTouch-aw, with its ergonomic design and the touch-screen, makes water activity measurements easier than ever before. Semi-temperature-control and active sample temperature measurements, by an integrated infrared sensor, provide the highest possible reliability of measurements.
All measurement data, including the important protocols are stored on a SD card and can be transferred to a PC or printer. Special software is available for viewing results and analysis of the data. This assures confidence in readings for quality assurance and traceability of all measurement values.
In summary, the LabTouch-aw assures high measurement accuracy and reproducibility, long-term stability, ease of use and an economical measurement system. Get ready for the new standard for aw-value measurement.

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Backed by Neutec Group's reputable technical service level, the Novasina instruments will assure your product quality!

Features and Benefits

Easy accessible menus by large touch-screen
Semi-temperature-stabilized measurement chamber
Re-usable SAL-T humidity standards and long-life sensor for economy
Fast & precise aw-measurement thanks to the worldwide unique "Novalyte" measurement tech'
Specific chemical sensor protection filters available
Calibration data is stored on the sensor
Data logging function with SD card
Factory calibration at 7 aW-value points
Checking, testing and adjusting possibilities(SAL-T humidity standards)
Visualization and analysis software"Novalog MC"

Technical data

Electrical data
  AW-value Sample temperature
Measuring principle Resistive - electrolytic Surface Infrared-measurement + NTC
Measuring range 0.03....... 1.00aW 5....45 C  /  41 ..... 113 F
Accuracy: +/- 0.005 aW +/- 0.3 K
Range 0.10 ... 0.97 aW ( 10 ... 97 % rh) 0.....+50 C
Resolution 0.001 aW 0.1 C
Accuracy of temp. control +/- 0.05°C Semi-temperature control, programmed temperature must be always +2°C above environmental temperature!
Mains supply 5 VDC +/- 6% max. power requirement : 10 W
Power supply 90....264 VAC 50 / 60 Hz, output -> +5 VDC
Display 4.3" color LC-Display
Operating System start -> open chamber Touch screen and easy accessible menu structure
Communication SD card type : SD / SD HC data system: FAT-16 / FAT-32
Housing Two-part PC/ABS design housing measurement chamber aluminum anodized
Weight: 2.8 kg
Protection class IP 22 Dimension approx. : 300 x 200 x 105 mm
Volume 21.1 ml standardized sample dishes
Measuring chamber 40 x 12 mm Spring-loaded measurement head
Special feature Intelligent „Novalyte“ measurement sensor CM-2 with calibration point memory

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  • We recently received a new LabSwift water activity meter. We have been using the meter and it works very well on our powders.

  • We have been using the LabMaster-Neo quite a bit to characterize our samples. It is very easy to use and does not take up much space. It was well worth the purchase!