Automatic Slide Staining – The Poly Stainer

Saves time and labor for most staining procedures

Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
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Slide stainers are used to automate what had previously been a very time-consuming and costly manual process of staining slides. Primarily used as biomedical tools, automated slide stainers are often found in medical laboratories where histopathology, hematology, and cytopathology research to study and diagnose diseases microscopically is performed. The reason that cells are stained is to improve the cell’s visualization to researchers, as well as all the cellular components under a microscope. Another purpose that cells are stained is to highlight metabolic processes, or even to differentiate between living and dead cells in a sample. By using different stains, the cell wall or its nucleus will be easier to see. Slide stainers facilitate highlighting important features of the subject matter, generally tissue, as well as to enhance its contrast. For example, a basic dye, such as hematoxylin, will stain cell nuclei, giving it a blue tone. Another dye, eosin, will stain a cell’s nucleus by giving it a pink tone. The number of cells that are utilized in a research study can number in the thousands, therefore automated slide stainers present the ideal tool to facilitate the preparation of slides for diagnostic and research purposes.

In medical and research laboratories worldwide, manual slide stainers are being replaced by automated slide stainers as this approach greatly facilitates the study of biological tissues such as muscle fibers, connective tissue, cell populations, and organelles. Furthermore, slide staining facilitates detecting the quantity of a specific compound in biological samples. Automated slide stainers are becoming the industry standard for processes that include gel electrophoresis and flow cytometry. This equipment automates hematologic smear staining, modifies sample color, thickness, and intensity, and performs numerous staining operations simultaneously.

Demand for the use of automated slide stainers is expected to increase markedly by 2030. This need is driven by the increasing size of the geriatric population, with greater focus placed on their increased burden of chronic diseases. Neutec is proud to offer IUL Instruments’ technologically advanced slide stainer, The Poly Stainer. With this automated slide stainer model, IUL Instruments has recognized the increasing need for automation in diagnostics and clinical research, as well as for cancer drug research to meet present and future research laboratory challenges.

IUL Instruments engineering team has recently developed a novel device for automatic staining slides.

A programmable Microbiology and histology staining instrument, the Poly Stainer will reduce the technologist bench time significantly. The constant rinse cycle eliminates cross contamination, producing a standardized, clear stained film.

The Poly Stainer is suitable for batch or stat operation.

With memory capacity of 10 programs, each with 10 different positions, most manual staining processes can be automated on the Poly Stainer. This automated slide stainer will increase your lab productivity and provide standardized, high quality results.

The Poly Stainer can automate just about any manual staining process. Some examples are:

  • Gram stain
  • Acid Fast
  • Trichrome
  • Wright’s stain
  • Reticulocyte stain
  • Bone Marrow staining
  • Gram Positive
  • Gram Negative

Features and Benefits

Optimal performance at an economical price
Stainless steel container holder can be easily removed and cleaned
No risk to the electronic components due to their elevated position
Quick pump to empty the rinse water bath (optional)
10 programs option each with 10 different positions
20 slides capacity per basket

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Technical data

Programs10 with 10 positions
Reagent Containers4
Slides per Basketup to 20
Weight50.6 lbs. / 23 Kg.
Dimensions (WxHxD)27.5″x17.3″x15.7″
Drying Containerair flow ± 50ºC
Voltage115VAC 60Hz / 220VAC 50Hz.

Ordering Info

Poly Stainer (115VAC/60 Hz.)CAT. NO. 5301
Poly Stainer (220VAC/ 50 Hz.)CAT. NO. 5300
Quick Drain SystemCAT. NO. 5310

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