Technical FAQ
Welcome to our Technical FAQ – Eddy Jet Spiral Plater page. Here you will find some tips and tricks, and answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed, please reach out to us at . Here at Neutec Group we are always happy to assist you in getting the most out of our instrument solutions.

Yes – The Eddy Jet comes from the factory with a certificate of performance, multiple tests are performed on each unit (gravimetric to bacteriological) to insure the Eddy Jet is plating properly. However laboratories who wish to perform routine validation tests can do so by a preset program that will dispense known amounts of liquid on the plate. After the Eddy Jet dispenses the liquid you will be able to weigh the sample and verify the accuracy of the unit.

Most of the Protocols presets we offer with the Eddy Jet Spiral Plater are industry standards that were developed by various manufacturers in the 15-20 years since this method became a common method.
By offering all the different protocols out there, user of “older units” would not have to do a lengthy validation process when they upgraded to the Eddy Jet, rather, use their existing protocol which was programmed into the memory of the unit.
Some of the protocols use exponential or logarithmic distribution of the sample on the plate, so that a 3 fold dilution (1-1000) will be forming on a 100mm plate. The linear and lawn protocols, however do not get that dilution rather offer an ever distribution on the plate. Again, the different protocol names, (C, D…) and volumes (49.2, 50 100ul) can be used to your choice with no real preference, thus the most important to remember, is to read the plates using the exact protocol (if using automation i.e. with our Sphere Flash colony counter) or with the right volumes of liquids calculated in the formulas as presented the instruction manual (when using manual readings).

The Eddy Jet could fail to grab on to a new syringe tip due to the syringe in the pack not being properly aligned. If the syringe tip has been rotated and is no longer aligned properly the arm mechanism will be unable to grab on to the syring tip. If it is observed that the same syringe tip in the box is unable to be picked up, it could be the result of the Micro-syringe Feeder and Syringe Arm Mechanism being out of alignment.

If the syringe is unable to fall at the plating or sample area it is most likely a result of the arm mechanism being misaligned. Please reach out to Neutec Service Department ( ) for further information/steps on how to realign the syringe arm.

If you do not notice any sample present in the syringe during the inoculation period it may be due to the volume of sample in the beaker. If small quantities of smaple are present in the sample beaker (<0.5mL) it is recommended to use the 'Test-tube - Manual Option' instead of the 'Beaker - Automatic Option' to ensure the complete sample is aspirated in the syringe.