Customer Success Stories

Highlighting the Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer

Find out how PowerPollen uses the Ampha Z32 to check pollen quality prior to pollination in order to improve pollen preservation and ensure high quality seed and yield. 

Highlighting Neutec Group’s Microbiology Workflow Automation Solutions

Listen to what Susan Le at Aemtek Laboratory has to say about her Smart Dilutor, Homogenizing Masticator, Eddy Jet Spiral Plater, and Flash&Go Colony Counter.

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Highlighting Neutec Group’s Water Activity Meters and the Testing of Cannabis Products

Listen to what Casey Slezak at Modern Canna has to say about their LabMaster Neo water activity meters.

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Highlighting Neutec Group’s Media Pouring Systems

Listen to what Teresa Blakely at Oklahoma State University has to say about her PC 10 Media Preparator and PS900 Media Filler

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