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Test Tubes and Racks

A wide selection of test tubes and racks for all applications and budgets available in stock!


Neutec Group has partnered with a leading test tube and rack manufacturer to provide you with test tubes fo COVID-19 and non COVID-19 related applications. 

  • Test tubes come in different sizes such as 5,10,15 and 50ml
  • Self standing or round bottoms
  • Plastic material can be Polypropylene (PP) which is stronger and chemical resistant or PolyStyrene (PS) which is trasparant yet more fragile
  • Tubes can come sterile or non-sterile
  • Packaging can be bulk (loose in bag) or packaged racked
  • Tube caps can be separately packed from tubes or already capped tubes
  • Let us know your volume needs per week or per month
  • We can offer a wide selction of racks to hold these tubes

We can also automate the filling process by using our innovative XY Tube and Bottle Filler  - learn more here

For more information and to help us provide you with the best test tube and rack combination for your application, please fill out this form

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