Flowbot ONE 300x262


Flowbot ONE offers the accuracy of 1 μL pipetting and with an unprecedented large flexibility of users to define their own labware (tips, vials, tubes) and various PCR, RT-PCR, and qPCR setups are easily handled by Flowbot ONE. 

PCR 301x201

CSV-file based setup

Sometimes it makes no sense to build your assays in a pread sheet file, which can be manipulated using the standard operations, which you are failiar with. To support this type of modus operandi, all Flowbot ONE steps in any given process can be programmed form a simple csv format. 

csv file based setup 301x201

Reformatting, cherry picking, transferring

You may often be challenged by having your samples or material in one format, in one orientation or in a container, which isn't optimal for the down stream processes but to make the transfers into a new format, a new orientation or a different container is just a tedious and time consuming manual job.

reformatting cherry picking and transferring 301x201 

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