Spiral Platers


The all new Eddy Jet 2 automated spiral plater, is a color screen touch screen fully programmable spiral inoculation instrument with accuracy and Spiral Plate, Automated Spiral Plater - Spiral Platersreproducible of greater than 99%. The Eddy Jet 2 atomated spiral plater uses a unique gamma-Irradiated disposable micro-syringe for each new sample, eliminating cross-contamination and the need for a vacuum source or washing steps.

Since the samples come in contact only with the disposable low cost micro-syringe throughout the process, there is absolutely no risk of carryover of sanitizing chemicals, such as hypochlorite. The tips are supplied with fully traceable quality control documentation. These sterile, precise micro-syringes (with opening size of 0.7mm) are your keys to confidence that you’ll get an accurate inoculation and no contamination on every plate that you process with the Eddy Jet 2 Spiral Plater.

Significant savings can be made in material costs and workers' time by using the Eddy Jet 2 automated spiral plater. Plates are processed in well under 1 minute; no time consuming washing cycle; no time consuming preparation and replacement of washing chemical solutions; no time consuming maintenance of a vacuum pumping system; no down time due to vacuum failure.

Counting Spiral plates and calculating final CFU/ml is made easy with our an Automated Colony Counter - The Flash & Grow - The first automated colony counter that grows and adapts to your specific micro lab needs. It can be upgraded at any time to fit the level of automation, security and features required. With numerous Flash & Grow colony counters units installed in a variety of Microbiology laboratories such as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech etc., the IUL Flash & Grow automatic colony counter utilizes cutting edge technology.



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