PhAST Blue - Photo-Activation System for Tubes

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Neutec Group is excited to introduce an innovative device from GenIUL. The PhAST Blue- PhotoActivation System for Tubes - neutralizes the DNA of dead organisms through the use of photo-achievable intercalating agents.

The samples treated with the system enable the detection of DNA from only the living cells by conventional PCR or Real Time PCR.

PhAST is thermally stable with a constant and uniform light dose. It allows simultaneous photo activation of 12 samples in a simple and efficient manner.

PhAST combines high power LED with the proper optical alignment of the reaction tube to ensure the maximum efficiency in the binding of the Photo-Activation Intercalating agent to DNA.

In the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in clinical samples, environmental or food control by molecular biology techniques it is crucial to differentiate live cells from dead cells. The use of Photo-Activable intercalating reagents will turn the applicability of genetic techniques and applications in many fields, including:

  1. Clinical Microbiology and infectious disease evolution.
  2. Pathogen Detection and health risk assessment of environmental and food samples
  3. Susceptibility studies: biocides, toxic, antibiotics.
  4. Microbial ecology.

The resolution of molecular techniques can be improved with the living cells differentiation.

Features and Benefits

Uniform light dose at room temperature.
Maximum efficiency in the reaction of intercalating reagent photo-activation.
Compact and rough instrument
Simultaneously run Up to 12 Photo-Activation Samples

Technical data

Dimensions (WxHxD): 13.9 x 3.26 x 3.54 inch (355x83x90mm)
Weight: 2.22Lbs (1.2Kg)
Room Temperature: +5ºC to +25ºC.
Power Range: 90~230 50-60Hz.
Maximum Power: 45W
PC Connectivity USB (USB cord included with unit)

Ordering Info

PhAST Blue Main Unit (inc Power and USB cords) CAT. NO. 9000700
Blue Color Rack for 12 samples - pack of 6 CAT. NO. 90001100
Red Color Rack for 12 samples - pack of 6 CAT. NO. 90001101
Gold Color Rack for 12 samples - pack of 6 CAT. NO. 90001102
Multi Color Racks for 12 samples - Total of 6 racks :
Pack of 2*Blue, 2*Red, 2*Gold
CAT. NO. 90001103

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