Multispectral Imaging

VideometerLab 4 is an all in one vision-based lab analyzer designed for fast and accurate determination of surface color, texture, shape, size and chemical composition.

The easy-to-use system integrates illumination, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital image analysis and statistics. VideometerLab 4 provides a rapid assessment of uniform and non-homogeneous samples by combining information on all of the above parameters automatically in just a few seconds, requiring no sample preparation and leaving the sample intact.

Using stroked LED technology VideometerLab 3combines measurements at up to 20 different wavelengths into a single high-resolution multispectral image. Every pixel in the image is a spectrum and the system can include wavelengths outside the range detected by traditional RGB technology.

Why use VideometerLab 4?
Currently, the non-destructive investigation of materials with non-uniform color and texture can be difficult, tedious and expensive. Conventional techniques such as NIR spectroscopy only measure a single point or average over a fixed area and do not give an objective overall assessment of visual quality.
Studies have shown that VideometerLab 4 is as accurate as a test panel with significantly higher repeatability, removing subjective judgment. Specific areas of special interest such as shape, size or texture can be studied automatically.
The choice of illumination wavelength ensures each application can be optimized and using LEDs in the UV or NIR adds information not visible to the human eye. As an example, most objects are white or transparent in the NIR region, which allows for the separation of the color and surface properties of the object. Unlike other Hyperspectral cameras and systems in the market, the VideometerLab 4 is fully integrated, data generated is managable and our software analysis packages generate very useful results.

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Multispectral & Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras - Multispectral Imaging/VideometerLab 4

Multispectral Imaging / VideometerLab 4

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