Loop & Needle Sterilizers

Loop & Needle family of Sterilizers and automatic Bunsen burners that ware specially developed to sterilizing loops, needles and test tube openings.

We offer two major methods of sterilization:

  • Open Flame Gas driven Bunsen Burner
    Reaching a temperature of 1300ºC on natural gas - activated by a foot switch or by an Infra-red motion detector. See our wide range of LabFlame models
  • Annealing without Flame!
    The electrical sterilization system e-Loop is most suitable for the sterilization of inoculation loops, needles and instruments. It is ideal for laboratories and safety cabinets where the use of gases and open flames is not permitted, See both our state of the art E-loop and the Economy Microincinerator

Features and Benefits

Rapid & precise ignition for fast Loop & Needle Sterilization
Uniform & constant heat for perfect bottle neck sterilization
Safety cabinet qualified due to optimized air flow support
Hands free operation with foot-switch or touch free IR-sensor ignition (Lab Flame)
Environmental friendly by saving gas and and reducing pollution and heat generation


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