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Flowbot ONE Liquid Handling Robot

Flow Robotics Flowbot ONE is a flexible and user-friendly liquid handling robot for automation of pipetting tasks in laboratories such as Covid labs.

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Flowbot ONE is built with the purpose of making pipetting easy. It has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to learn, and easy to change if any procedures within the lab change. Flowbot ONE is a plug-and-play solution with high precision and is developed for immediate adjustments. 

Automating pipetting should not be a complicated situation. And with flowbot ONE it definitely isn’t! With its intuitive user interface everyone can learn to use it in just one hour. Everything you can pipette manually, you can automate with flowbot ONE and with this robot you get a high degree of flexibility.

Flowbot ONE quickly adapts to new procedures in your lab – whenever a procedure changes you can easily set up flowbot ONE for use enabling immediate automation. No need for programming or a long implementation period – we have developed flowbot ONE to be incredibly user-friendly. You can start automating on the day of delivery.

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Application Example - Covid 19 Diagnostic Lab:

Following the COVID-19 outbreak a massive demand for collecting and preparing virus samples put pressure on the bioanalysts working in labs and already performing a lot of manual pipetting tasks.The Capital Region of Denmark noticed the potential of the user-friendly pipetting robot flowbot ONE and today several Danish hospital labs are using flowbot ONE for sample preparation and well as many other Covid19 diagnostic laboratories around the world. View our E-Book here.

In the test lab at Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark, 2 flowbot ONEs are running simultanously preparing large COVID-19 samples per day.

Gorm Lisby, section chief at Hvidovre Hospital explains: “The robots help us in a situation where we are in need of more bioanalysts, and they help us taking care of our employees, so that they don’t get overburdened and get strain injuries.”

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Flowbot ONE applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pipette modules does the Flowbot ONE have?
There are two pipette modules. Each module can be a 1-channel, 4-channel, or 8-chanel pipette.
Can the pipette modules be exchanged?
Yes, you can buy more than two pipette modules and then exchange these in the robot.
Can programs be reused?
Yes, as soon as a program is saved it can be reused and edited. It can be shared so all users of the robot can execute the program.
Can a locked program be copied for a second version of the program?
Yes, multiple versions of the same program can be created.
Can I use a shaker, heater, or any other device with Flowbot ONE?
The Flowbot ONE integrates with a number of devices. Contact us and we will help accomodate the right integration in Flowbot ONE for you.


 Dimensions WxDxH  100 cm x 60 cm x 80 cm (closed 
100 cm x 60 cm x 110 cm (open)
 Weight  70 kg
Pipette Channels  Volume Range
 1 channel 1-20 µL
 4 channel 2-200 µL
 8 channel  10-1000 µL

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View video

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