Flow Cytometry / Single Cell Analysis

Amphasys’ new-generation flow cytometer is a plug & play automated cell counter, designed to blend simplicity with flexibility. The absence of optical components minimizes set-up times and maintenance to a minimum. Time-consuming sample preparation procedures and expensive fluorescent dyes do not belong to Amphasys’ world, because the automated cell counter is exclusively based on electrical measurements. Latest generation digital signal processing electronics are specifically tailored to Amphasys’ semi-disposable chips, so that best-of-class impedance analysis on single cells is achieved.

Our automated cell counter, provides a powerful tool to analyse pollen viability thereby helping to increase the yield of high quality seeds and reduce the cost of production (for example by increasing the female-to-male ratio and the yield per plant).

In addition to testing for pollen viability, the label-free technology is suitable for analysis of virtually any kind of single cells, such as yeast viability, revealing characteristics such as cell size and morphology, viability (apoptosis), or cell differentiation. The patented, "lab-on-chip" solution eliminates time-consuming, complex sample preparation steps, like cell labelling and the need of expensive laboratory infrastructure.

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The Amphasys, impedance flow cytometer is a chip based, label-free flow cytometer using impedance measurements to determine cell viability so no staining is required and the cell can be re-used

If taken care according to manufacturer protocols(cleaning and washing) one can use the semi-disposable chips with the Amphasys Z32 over 500 times.

The Amphasys, impedance flow cytometer provides a quick reproducible results on high sample volumes. Eliminating the need of standard staining methods (FDA, DAPI, etc.)

Yes the Amphasys, impedance flow cytometer has many options for mobility. For safe transport and use in the field a heavy duty transport casing, rechargeable batteries and a 12 V car adapter. This allows you to take measurements not only in the laboratory but in the field as well and allow you making on-site quick decision based on the pollen viability at the moment of measurement

Yes, the Amphasys impedance flow cytometer can be equipped with an autosampler that makes it possible to automatically analyze up to 192 samples based on standard microtiter plates with variable sample volumes. it offers a walk-away system that can free the user other activities while the unit mixxes the sample and takes a measurement. Please note that this would require a stable source of pollen

Yes, the Amphasys Z32 impedance flow cytometer has been tested on over 170 different species of pollen and has been optimized with different buffers. We can send you references for your type of cells or pollen that the unit has been used for.

No, the Amphasys unit performs not destuctive analysis on your pollen sample and your sample can be collected at the end of the process for further testing.

For a beginner it may take 10 minutes total per sample to prepare the pollen solution and to get results. Once you are comfortable with the instrument it can take less than 5 minutes per sample from anther to raw data. The actual analysis done by the unit takes less than 30 seconds for most samples.

The unit is designed to be user friendly and has several cleaning functions built into the software for end of day cleaning. The unit should also have a PM service performed once a year by a Neutec engineer to ensure all preventative measures have been applied to guarantee long unit life

Each buffer has taken several years of research and development to perfect and to optimize for use with the Amphasys unit, that being said, customer are more than welcome to create and test any buffers of their own.

The different colors of the filters represent their mesh pore size. The filters are used during sample prep before the sample is introduced into the unit to filter out an plant debris that is not pollen and to protect the measurement chip. A clean sample solution ensures smooth and accurate sample analysis.

The Amphasys Z32 unit is a simple unit to operate and a new user can be trained in less than an hour.