Smart Dilutor / Gravimetric Diluter
Smart Dilutor / Gravimetric Diluter
Smart Dilutor / Gravimetric Diluter

Smart Dilutor / Gravimetric Diluter

Bag and flask dilutions with a built in pump and balance

Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
SKU: 90007900

The IUL-Instruments Smart Dilutor provides the best solution for laboratories that require full processing capacity and/or traceability in gravimetric dilutions or liquid dispensing. This device offers the precision, speed, sample handling sterility, and the detailed tracking of procedures necessary for optimal accuracy.

Instrument key features include its precise weight cell and powerful peristaltic pumps that provide optimized gravimetric dilutions/ liquid dispensing, which make it the ideal choice for use by food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic quality control labs. It is convenient and user-friendly. Samples may first be inserted inside sterile bags held by a sterility-ensuring holder. Next, the Smart Dilutor weighs each sample then dispenses an accurate amount of broth, diluting the sample to a configurable dilution factor (rational number). At this point the samples are ready to be homogenized for further testing.

The gravimetric diluter Smart Dilutor provides an advanced automation solution for gravimetric dilutions and liquid dispensing alike. A specific platform and a multilevel dilution arm make it possible to perform dispensing procedures into bags or other vessels such as beakers, flasks or bottles. The bag holder may be adapted to dilute samples in both 400 mL and 80 mL bags. 

The device will process samples up to 5 g with an error <1%. For additional convenience, diluent may be dispensed from both ready-to-use media bags and regular media ISO 4796 bottles. One and two pump units are also available. Five levels of instability tolerance make it possible to operate the device on unstable surfaces, such as in laminar flow cabinets or on workbenches where other instruments (such as a blender), would potentially create vibrations.

Bags which have been filled, can be placed in order in Portabag bag holders pending further processing in Masticator blenders for homogenization. If traceability is necessary, dilution records may be kept by connecting the Smart Dilutor/ Gravimetric Diluter to a printer. Barcode scanners can also be connected to the instrument to identify operators, samples, and diluents.

The Smart Dilutor is specifically designed for the gravimetric dilution of solid, semi-solid, or paste types of microbiological samples directly into sterile homogenizer bags.

Since these types of samples require a gravimetric type of dilution process, the Smart Dilutor has an integrated balance at the heart of the system. The operator simply places an unknown amount of sample in a sterile bag and the unit takes an initial weight of the sample, then the operator moves the lever and the microprocessor dispenses an amount of diluents by weight, to achieve the programmed dilution ratio.

The system constantly monitors the weight in the sample bag to achieve a highly accurate dilution result. This is ideal when preparing and pipetting serial dilutions.

Once the programmed dilution ratio has been reached, the system notifies the operator that the process has finished.

The software also allows the instrument to be used as a dispensing device for a previously determined quantity of a liquid into any kind of container.

Features and Benefits

Economy and convenience
Multiple pumps models available 1, 2, 5, 6
Flexibility in the sample weight
Extremely rapid dilutions / Dispensing
Easy operation by a friendly touch screen
Increases lab productivity using automation

Technical data

General Specifications Data
Pump Motor 12 - 15VDC
Delivery Speed 950 ml/min. (tube diameter: 5mm)
Weight Range 2400 g, tare included
Display Resolution 0.1 g
Weight Inaccuracy <1%
Weight Resolution SAMPLE 0.01 g
Weight Resolution DILUTION 0.1 g
Working Temperature +41ºF to +104ºF (+5ºC to +40ºC )
Data Input/Output Serial RS232 and Ethernet
Barcode Connections IUL Barcode Connection (CAT. 5700)
Mains 85 ~ 264 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power 40 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 11.8"x12.8"x14.4" (300x325x365 mm.)
Weight 14.3 Lbs. (6.5 Kg.)
Dilution Specifications Data
Maximum Sample Weight Compatible with factor, tare and weight range
Dilution Ratio Any fraction in the 1 to 999 range
Dilution Accuracy < 0.3 g
Dispensing Specifications Data
Dispensing Weight 1 g to full range
Dispensing Inaccuracy  

Ordering Info

Smart Diluter Single Pump 110V Catalog # 2700
Smart Diluter two headed Pump 110V Catalog # 2701

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  • The Smart Diluter has been very helpful and beneficial to our lab on a daily basis! By using the 3 Liter bags, the Smart diluter has save our workers tremendous time and energy by allowing us to focus on the important micro work as opposed to spending time making and autoclaving dilution bottles.