Pinch Dilutor / Gravimetric Dilutor - Gravimetric Diluter
Pinch Dilutor / Gravimetric Dilutor - Gravimetric Diluter

Pinch Dilutor / Gravimetric Dilutor

Economical bag dilution device by gravity

Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
SKU: 90007511

Gravimetric dilutions are automated and simplified by the Pinch Dilutor. The Pinch Dilutor has been specially designed to drive diluents from media containing bottles or ready to use media bags.

When a sample is to be diluted, samples are placed inside a homogenizer bag and weighed. Next, the device's pinch valve opens letting the diluent fall into the homogenizer bag. The process is smooth, silent, and fast.

The Pinch Dilutor has been designed to ease gravimetric dilutions:

  • Ease of control, only two pushbuttons are needed to operate the device.
  • Tubing and parts that contact the diluents can be quickly disassembled to sterilize them in an autoclave.
  • Diluents can be driven from media containing bottles or ready to use media bags

Features and Benefits

Economy and convenience
Flexibility in the sample weight
Extremely rapid dilutions / Dispensing
Increases lab productivity using automation

Technical data

General Specifications Data
Pinch Valve: 24 V, dc.
Weight resolution 0.1 g
Weighing inaccuracy <1%
Working Temp' +5C to +40C
Power supply 230/100 V  50/60 Hz
Power 45W
Dim ( LxWxH) 240 X 300 X 810mm
Max Sample Weight compatible with factor, tare and weight range.
Dilution Ratio 1/2 to 1/50
Dilution inaccuracy < 0.2 g.
Max total weight 2000 g ( included Tare)

Ordering Info

Pinch Diluter 110V Catalog # 90007511

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  • The Smart Diluter has been very helpful and beneficial to our lab on a daily basis! By using the 3 Liter bags, the Smart diluter has save our workers tremendous time and energy by allowing us to focus on the important micro work as opposed to spending time making and autoclaving dilution bottles.