Neutec offer a wide selection of dilutors for the busy microbiology lab to automate the stream line the sample preparation process

Increase your laboratory’s productivity,
Ensure accurate dilutions and reduce contamination risks
Save time and money!
Avoid time consuming preparation and sterilization in bottles
Drastically reduce cost per sample
Provides tractability


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Bio Dilutor/ Test Tube Dilutor

Bio Dilutor/ Test Tube Dilutor

For liquid dilutions between 1:1 to 1:1000 dilutions

Pinch Dilutor / Gravimetric Dilutor - Gravimetric Diluter

Pinch Dilutor / Gravimetric Dilutor

Economical bag dilution device by gravity

Smart Dilutor / Gravimetric Diluter

Smart Dilutor / Gravimetric Diluter

Bag and flask dilutions with a built in pump and


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