Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Flash Sphere Economy Automated Colony Counter
Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Flash Sphere Economy Automated Colony Counter
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A SphereFlash® – Economy Automated Colony Counter

Sphere Flash Automated colony counter with Colonies Lite software

Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
SKU: 90007000

Neutec Group introduces The Sphere Flash - an automated colony counter that grows and adapts to your specific micro lab needs. It can be upgraded at any time to fit the level of automation, security and features required. With numerous Flash & Grow colony counters units installed in a variety of Microbiology laboratories such as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech etc., the IUL new Sphere Flash automatic colony counter utilizes cutting edge technology lighting conditions and intelligent software that make the day to day work easier then ever..

Modern led illumination, combined with a unique patent pending Sphere that operates as a perfact closed enviroment to best light conditions and images taking, smart but user friendly colony counting software (installed on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Based computers) together with a high resolution camera, makes for a powerful affordable automatic colony counter system.

Detailed IQ/OQ validation protocols are available to ensure compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and that results meet regulatory requirements.

The Sphere Flash counts the majority of colonies on the various media. It’s high resolution color camera can detect and count colonies of aprox. 1/450 inch (0.07mm). The new patented illumination device enables processing of any media type including transparent/opaque agar without interference from ambient light source as the Shpere goes don and creates an insolated environment. 

The “Sphere Flash” automated colony counter modular approach enables laboratories to automate their colony counting processes, inhibition zone Measuring and upgrade them to a higher level of sophistication as necessary and within a budget.

The new  “Sphere Flash” automatic colony counter represents a real alternative to manual colony counting with its user friendly colony counting & inhibition zone Measuring software, repetitive and accurate results and affordably pricing.

Sphere Flash Lite can be upgrade to the Colonies Pro Software at any time to provide Addition of unlimited protocols, User managment, result table customization and Audit trail. Check out the Colonies Pro upgrade here>>

Lite Automatic Colony Counter 

  • For counting Pour and Spiral plates in 1 sec.
  • Every count under control: add or eliminate colonies with one click on the screen
  • Delete an area by a simple draw with the mouse or with the touch screen pen
  • Automatic calibration and varification
  • Optimize detection with a single bar
  • results are saved in a report table
  • Lite Software (Cat. 90007003) comes with standard protocols suitable for most common plates
  • User friendly colony counting software
  • Dimes: 28.8L*22W*37.1H cm, 11.3"L*8.66"W*14.6"
  • Affordably priced

Hardware minimum Requirements for the Sphere Flash colony counter

Processor Minimum Intel i3 or similar
Recommended Intel i5, i7 or similar
RAM Memory Minimum 4 GB
Recommended 8 GB
Hard disk 100 MB of free disk space and 100GB for Data
Communication 1 free USB 3.0 (blue connector)
Human Interface Devices

Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device (Including Tablet PC Touch panels)

Internet connectivity

A plus for best remote support and training

Microsoft Windows ® 7 , 8.1, 10 64 bits .MS Excel ® (not included) is required to open Excel files

Sphere Flash automatic colony counter catalog

Download Sphere Flash Catalog

Independent Published Study

Fort Valley Uni. Evaluation of the Flash & Go Colony counter Vs. Manual counts

View video

  • Sphere Flash Colony Counter

    We have implemented Neutec Group’s Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater and Sphere automated colony counter in our antimicrobial product testing and water testing applications. This has saved significant time compared to manual plating and counting processes. These instruments have also provided improved accuracy over manual methods.
  • Sphere Flash Colony Counter

    The Sphere Flash is a reliable, efficient machine that ends up saving a lot of time in the laboratory. I also appreciate the high degree of customization it has with regard to adjusting settings and interpreting plate readings.
  • Sphere Flash Colony Counter

    The Sphere Flash automated colony counter is a great time and money saving instrument. It is very easy to use and we are happy with the quality of the images and the full CFR21Part11 compliance. We are placing this counter in all 3 of our global locations which will allow us to share and compare results more efficiently.