Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Flash & Grow
Automated Colony Counter, Colony Counter Microbiology - Flash & Grow

Flash & Grow – Advanced Economy Automated Colony Counter

Few last units left from this proven automated upgraded counter

Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
SKU: 90006011

Flashing news!!!

Our all new Sphere Flash Automated Colony Counter >> has been recently launched replacing the Flash & Grow.

Please visit the new exiciting counter here >>

 The Flash & Grow - The first automated colony counter that grows and adapts to your specific micro lab needs. It can be upgraded at any time to fit the level of automation, security and features required. With numerous Flash & Grow colony counters units installed in a variety of Microbiology laboratories such as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech etc., the IUL Flash & Grow automatic colony counter utilizes cutting edge technology.

Modern led illumination, combined with a smart but user friendly colony counting software (installed on Windows Vista or any XP Based computer) together with a high resolution camera, makes for a powerful affordable automatic colony counter system.

Detailed IQ/OQ validation protocols are available to ensure compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and that results meet regulatory requirements.

The Flash & Grow counts the majority of colonies on the various media. It’s high resolution color camera can detect and count colonies of aprox. 1/450 inch (0.07mm). The new patented illumination device enables processing of any media type including transparent/opaque agar.

The “Flash & Grow” automated colony counter modular approach enables laboratories to automate their colony counting processes, inhibition zone Measuring and upgrade them to a higher level of sophistication as necessary and within a budget.

The “Flash & Grow” automatic colony counter represents a real alternative to manual colony counting with its user friendly colony counting & inhibition zone Measuring software, repetitive and accurate results and affordably pricing.

Advanced Automatic Colony Counter

Includes all the features of the Basic model plus pre-defined programs.
Customization of Colony Discrimination to cope with particles and to guarantee accurate counts, based on size sensitivity, shape and color.
Recommended upgrade for labs involved in a repetitive activity with a need for pre-defined programs.

Basic Vs. Advanced Flash and Grow colony counter comparison table

General features Flash & Grow Advance software Flash & Go Basic
Split screen -
Spread and Spiral modes
Plate counting protocols Unlimited Utilizing a set up wizard 6 Factory Installed
Zone inhibition reading capability  Yes (With software upgrade) -
Robotic capability Yes (With software upgrade) Yes with upgrades
Bar-Code Capability -
Image features Flash & Grow Advance software Flash & Go Basic
Color & size discrimination  -
Shape adjustments -
Add & remove colony
Add and remove an area
Image zoom In / Out
Ability to save and export image -
Light exposure  Auto & Manual Auto Only
Print Image  Yes (with printer connection) -
View processed and Capture images
Result table features Flash & Grow Advance software Flash & Go Basic
Multiple results tables Endless 1
Modify results table format -
"Live" results table viewing -
Result table saved Can be shard on the network Local
Print result table Yes (with printer connection) -

Hardware minimum Requirements for the Flash & Go colony counter

CPU Minimum Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz.
Recommended Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz or higher
RAM Memory Minimum 512Mb.
Recommended 1024Mb. or more
Hard disk > 2Gb.
Graphics Card Minimum Any with at least 64Mb. of Video Memory
Recommended Any with at least 128 Mb. of Video Memory
DVD Drive Capable to run -DVD or +DVD (Dual Drive)
Human Interface Devices Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device (Including Tablet PC Touch panels)
Communications One MAIN BOARD USB2 Free Port (Using ICH4, ICH5, ICH6 South Bridge), One RS-232 free port or one free USB port with an RS-232 Adapter

Software Requirements for the Flash & Go colony counter

Microsoft Windows® 7 (32 bit) Microsoft Windows® XP (SP3) or Windows® 2000 (SP4)
Microsoft DirectX® 8.1 or higher.

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Independent Published Study

Fort Valley Uni. Evaluation of the Flash and Grow colony counter

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  • Flash & Grow – Economy Automated Colony Counter

    New Research Supports Effectiveness and Accuracy of IUL Flash & Go Colony Counter

    An independent study recently published by Fort Valley State University demonstrated that the IUL Flash & Go automated colony counter is an effective, accurate alternative to the standard method of colony counting.

    Moreover the study claims the use of the colony counter increased the overall efficiency of research operations by significantly reducing the time devoted to conventional manual plate count and made tasks easier for data manipulation, analysis and interpretation.

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  • Flash & Grow – Economy Automated Colony Counter

    The Flash and Grow automatic colony counter has been working out great. It is saving us a lot of time and also saving our eye sight since we don't have to count all the colonies ourselves. In addition, the training provided at installation time was excellent.


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