Colony Counters

Neutec Group offers the widest range of colony counters for the microbiology lab - from basic manual to semi automated to a full automated robotic counter.Sphere Flash automatic colony counter

The Flash & Grow - the first automated colony counter that grows and adapts to your specific micro lab needs has become a standard in colony counting with  numerous Flash & Grow colony counter units installed in a variety of Microbiology laboratories such as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech etc. 

NEW IN 2017 - we are happy to introduce a new series of Automated colony counters -

The Sphere Flash® line of automated colony counters

The ShpereFlash® offers unprecedented uniformity and a reflection free ilumination system. It uses a moving sphere that controls ambient light and a state of the art software. The Sphere Flash® allows for ideal lighting conditions and captures images of the highest quality. The image is then analysed with a friendly intuitive software that captures and counts the colonies on the plate with high accuracy.

The basic model - FlashSphere® Colonies LITE can be upgraded at any time to the more advanced model - Flash Sphere® Colonies PRO which allows for advanced user management and audit trail, as well as results mamagement and protocol customozation.





Colonies Lite Vs. Colonies Pro SphereFlash® Automated Colony Counter Comparison Table

General features Sphere Flash Pro - Advance software Sphere Flash Lite
Split screen -
Spread and Spiral modes
Plate counting protocols Unlimited Utilizing a set up wizard 6 Factory Installed
Zone inhibition reading capability  Yes (With software upgrade) -
Robotic capability Yes (With software upgrade) Yes with upgrades
Bar-Code Capability -
Image features Sphere Flash Pro - Advance software Sphere Flash Lite Software
Color & size discrimination  -
Shape adjustments -
Add & remove colony
Add and remove an area
Image zoom In / Out
Ability to save and export image -
Light exposure  Auto & Manual Auto Only
Print Image  Yes (with printer connection) -
View processed and Capture images
Result table features Sphere Flash Pro - Advance software Sphere Flash Lite Software
Multiple results tables Endless 1
Modify results table format -
"Live" results table viewing -
Result table saved Can be shard on the network Local
Print result table Yes (with printer connection) -


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