Evidence Drying Cabinet

Manufacturer: TopAir Systems
SKU: Evidence Drying Cabinet

Evidence Drying Cabinet

TopAir’s advanced Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet protects wet or damp evidence from detrimental factors such as potential cross contamination and airborne pathogens.

The cabinet also creates an effective shield for staff, preventing the officers on duty from being exposed to harmful blood-borne pathogens as well as from offensive odors resulting from decomposition and harmful bacteria or viruses.

The unit’s UV light performs additional disinfection of the cabinet’s interior between sessions. This prevents cross contamination, and ensures the integrity of samples for the purpose of DNA testing.

The unit is designed to clean the incoming air streams using pre-filtration and then filters the cabinet exhaust air using HEPA filtration.

TopAir can customize the ductless evidence drying cabinets to meet the demands of your facility.


  • Polypropylene components & clear triplex safety glass
  • Polypropylene internal &external cover
  • Cutting edge heating & humidity mechanism, 34c, 30% RH
  • Double location HEPA filter – supply and exhaust.
  • Temp controller
  • Outside RH & inner temp display
  • Top quality purge fan
  • Flexible dividing and shelving section
  • UV sterilization + safety interlock mechanism
  • Bottom draining basin with one way valve



Model EV-090 EV-090-SD EV-120 EV-120-SD  EV-180
 External Dimensions
WxHxD (mm)
 900x1240x850  900x1240x850  1200x1240x850  1200x1240x850  1800x1240x850
 Internal Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
 850x1000x600  850x1000x600  1150x1000x600  1150x1000x600  1750x1000x600
 Inner Capacity (L)  510  510  690  690  1050
 Weight  90  98  105  113  135
 Power Consumption  100w  900w  100w  900w  100w
 Super Dry System  No  Yes  No  Yes  No
 Rated Voltage  110/230v
 Material  Polypropylene  Polypropylene  Polypropylene  Polypropylene  Polypropylene


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