Petri Labeler - Barcode Labeling - Petri Dish Label
Petri Labeler - Barcode Labeling - Petri Dish Label

Petri Labeler - Barcode Labeling

The unit automatically tags barcode labels on the side walls of Petri plates.

Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
SKU: 90005800

The unit automatically tags barcode labels on the side walls of Petri plates. Operating the unit is as simple as feeding a stack of Petri plates on one end, pushing the “start” button, and collecting labeled plates at the other end. The Petri Labeler labels plate walls, enabling comfortable inspection, reading, and counting of Petri plates.

Features and Benefits

Readiness: Labels come preprinted with a 9 figures number, potential mistakes are avoided.
Traceability: By using a barcode reader, any identified Petri plate can be associated to any sample at any time.
Maintain sterility: During the pairing process, the lid is never removed, it is only slightly displaced to allow the label to be stuck on the side wall of the plate.
Flexibility: Identified Petri plates await being collected, once removed, a new plate is processed. Alternatively, a whole stack of plates can be processed at once, labeled plates can be collected in an optional collecting platform.
Adaptability: It easily accommodates different 90mm Petri dish sizes (e.g. different diameter and/or height).
Productivity: Less than 2 seconds per plate.
Friendliness: Small footprint and silent operation.

Technical data

Power range
Frequency range
Maximum power
Overvoltage category
Air temperature
Place of operation
Pollution level

100-240 V AC
5-32ºC (41-89,6ºF)
Up to 2000m. (6500Ft.)
For indoor use only.

Labeling features

Petri dish dimensions
Label size
Label characteristics
Adhesive characteristics

Label shelf life
Barcode characteristics
Barcode size
Thermal transfer printed ribbon used (Wax/resin)

Common 90mm Petri dishes
8 x 30mm
White coated, calendared, woodfree paper.
General purpose permanent acrylic water based adhesive. The adhesive conforms several regulations certified by ISEGA for direct contact with dry and moist non-fatty foodstuffs.
2 years, stored at 22ºC / 50% RH
Simbology code 128
3,8 x 27,7mm (approx.)
-REACH/SVHC Free: 1907/2006/EC
-Food contact Approved: 1935/2004/EC
-Heavy metals free: 2002/95/EC, 2002/96/EC, and 2011/65/EC
-California proposition 65
-Halogen Free

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Petri Labeler

CAT. NO. 90005800


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