HygroGuard 30 / ClimaLog 30 / DataLog 30 - Air Humidity Meter
HygroGuard 30 / ClimaLog 30 / DataLog 30 - Air Humidity Meter

HygroGuard 30 / ClimaLog 30 / DataLog 30

Data logging systems for recording of climatic parameters

Manufacturer: Novasina
SKU: 2600867

HygroGuard 30 / ClimaLog 30 / Data Log 30

Data logging systems for recording of climatic parameters

The new Novasina relative humidity, temperature, and absolute pressure data loggers for various applications in the air environment excel with versatility, simplicity, and data storage capacity. 

Essential features of this system are the USB interface (offline readout) and the managed ethernet, TCP/IP connection (online) by which these data loggers transfer the detected data to a storage device, e.g. a  PC.

Another asset is the intuitive SmartGraph III software, which simplifies the management of the  3'200'000 data points that can be stored.

The big LCD gives a clear view of the actual measurement data, as well as battery status, connections, date, and time. The outstanding data storage capacity allows for independent function for a long period of time. Manifold configuration possibilities, such as settings of visual and acoustic alarms, data logging intervals, start/stop functions, etc. make these devices versatile and flexible.

These data loggers are the best choice for stand-alone or network applications in laboratories, warehouses, server rooms, archives, production processes, museums, basements,  transportation and many more.


HygroGuard 30 / ClimaLog 30 / Data Log 30 - 3 versions are available :

HygroGuard 30 : % rH / T / dew point

ClimaLog 30 : % rH / T / barometric pressure

DataLog 30 : for external sensors such as StatMaxx, HygroMaxx, PascalMaxx, TempMaxx


Range of use

Data recording and visualization stand-alone or network solution.


Features and Benefits

  • High data storage capacity
  • Many configuration possibilities
  • Intuitive and versatile data visualization software
  • Connectable with external sensors for monitoring networks (only DataLog 30)
  • USB & Ethernet interface (TCP/IP)


  • HVAC plants (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning)
  • Transportation, container shipping
  • Hospitals, pharmacies
  • Food industry
  • Archives, libraries, museums, storage's


Measuruement data

 Measurement range Humidity: 10...95%rH
 Measurement range  Temperature: - 20...+50°C
 Measurement range  Pressure: 300...1300hPa absolute pressure
 Accuracy  Humidity: +/-2.0% rH
 Accuracy  Temperature: +/- 0.3°C
 Accuracy  +/-0.5hPa (from 700...1100hPa)
 Resolution  0.5% rH
 Resolution  0.1°C
 Resolution  0.1hPa
 Measurement rate

 10/30 Seconds

1/10/12/15/30 Minutes

1/3/6/12/24 Hours

 Storage rate

 1/10/12/15/30 Minutes

1/3/6/12/24 Hours



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