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Microbial air sampling devices are widely used in Pharmaceutical and Personal care industries as well as Food, Beverage and Environmental applications. Additionally, a regulation for compounding pharmacies, USP797, is requiring active air sampling in the level 5 and above areas. IUL Instruments has established market acceptance for a novel device for microbial air sampling. The SPIN AIR has taken the air sampling process to a new level with clear advantages for the user.

You can choose from 3 available models based on the features you need (see table below). A Wide range of accessories is offered including 60mm adaptors and Rodac plates adaptor made out of a choice of materials (Aluminum and plastic), bar code reader, tripod and more.

Performance parameters -  3 models to choose from:

Model Spin Air model Spin Air Basic model Basic Air model
Air Volume ( 0 - 9999 L )
Air Flow (100 l/m - 60 l/m )
Transformer (100-240VAC To 12VDC)
Battery Pack (Ni Metal Hydride 7.2V )
Battery Range (8 hour of operation)
Control (Microprocessor)
Rotation Speed (0, 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 RPM) No rotation
Hard side, molded carry case - -
RS 232 connection ( PC / Printer, XML , CSV) - -
Bar Code Connection (IUL Bar Code Device) - -
Connectivity to 2nd unit - -
Supplied with 90mm plate holder and cover Aluminum Aluminum Plastic
Weight 3.6 lbs 3 lbs 2.15 lbs

Features and Benefits

A unique rotating plate holder for even surface spread of micro organisms (Except the Basic Air model)
Sampling by volume (not timed) for higher accuracy and reproducibility
Utilizes standard 60mm or 90mm agar plates which are easy to find and inexpensive
Rechargeable battery operated for remote sampling
Delayed activation mode to avoid the collector’s contamination contribution
Optional duplicate simultaneous sampling with a low cost daughter unit (Spin Air model only)
Bar code connectivity for faster easier collection of sample, location and user information (Spin Air Model)
Wide range of adaptors and accessories plastic and aluminum choices in 60mm, 90mm and Rodac sizes

What solution is best for my application?

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Microbial Air Samplers, Air Sampling Devices - Basic Air Microbial Air Sampler

Basic Air Microbial Air Sampler

Entry level microbial air sampler

Microbial Air Samplers, Air Sampling Devices - Spin Air Basic Microbial Air Sampler

Spin Air Basic Microbial Air Sampler

Mid range microbial air sampler with rotating head

Microbial Air Samplers, Air Sampling Devices - Spin Air Microbial Air Sampler

Spin Air Microbial Air Sampler

Feature full microbial air sampler with rotating head

Microbial Air Samplers, Air Sampling Devices - Spin Air Microbial Air Sampler Slave

Spin Air Microbial Air Sampler Slave

Used in conjunction with the Spin Air model


Yes. The Spin Air requires in house calibration at Neu-Tec facility. The Spin Air is delivered with a calibration certificate indicating date of calibration and is valid for one year. We recomend sending the unit in every year for a preventative maintanance and calibration done by a factory trained technician on Neutec premises. Unit will be checked and cleaned, returned with a calibration document, a label on the unit. Loaner units availbel during the calibration - pls. inquire

We recommend calibrating the Spin Air at least once a year although excessive use may call for more often calibrations.

The Spin air uses rechargeable Ni-Metal Hydride 7.2V internal battery pack, which allows the Spin Air to work up to 8 hours (without the slave unit connected).

Push up button (↑) for 3 sec. If nothing happens charge batteries for 4 hours. You can also work with the Spin Air while it is connected to electricity although it will limit your range of usage due to requirement of an outlet.

The spin air can collect any biological aerosols including molds, fungi, pollen, spores etc. in accordance to the selectivity of agar plate that is being used.

The Spin Air can use both 90mm and 60mm plate according to the attachment that is being used.

The Spin Air may be cleaned with a wet towel with a solution of 80% alcohol. No residues will remain on the instrument.

The use of disinfectant is not recommended due to the fact that they may leave behind residues.

After placing an agar plate in the Spin Air and setting the volume of air one would like to run though it, the Spin Air platform will start to rotate and spin the agar plate in a set speed (1-4 RPM). At the same time, air will be sucked in (100 L / min). This spinning motion provides full coverage of the agar plate surface and eliminates overlapping layers of bacteria.

Yes, when needed, the delay time can be set for up to 1 hour (divided by seconds).

The Spin Air can be set to take any amount of air between 0-to-9999 L of air.

The Spin Air can be connected to several devices, such as bar code reader, printer or PC (RS 232) and a Slave unit which allows performing duplicate experiments or saving time when doing multiple plates types.

The “Slave” unit is a down scale unit that can be connected to the Spin Air. This unit does not require any setting, it will simply duplicate the data from the main unit and perform the same experiment simultaneity resulting accurate duplicate results.

Yes, Neu-tec will provide support and training on the instrument over the phone, and if needed to will service the instrument at our laboratory.

Yes, we rent a wide variety of instrumentation and offer loaners Call us toll free 1-888-810-5179 for more information.

Calibration frequency is based on your internal SOP but a good rule of thumb is to carry out a calibration at least once per month and to carry out a verification at the start of each day.


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