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Economic Portable /Battery operated model * Precise Aw meter * No Temperature control

Manufacturer: Novasina, Swiss
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Precise water activity measurement is invaluable in maintaining the high product quality along with a longer product shelf life. When measuring water activity in foods or other products, quality, accuracy, and excellence are crucial factors in achieving an optimal outcome.

It is for this reason that Neutec offers the LabSwift-aw water activity meter. As with other models in this line, the LabSwift-aw features a unique electrolytic measuring sensor that enables highly accurate measurement of the equilibrium relative humidity of materials, i.e. the water activity (aw-value). LabSwift-aw’s precise water activity measurement is used in many industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, as well as industries such as petroleum and chemicals. This precise water activity instrument is ideal for gauging precise water activity measurement for process and quality control, on the production line, or for laboratory analysis necessary for product development.

The LabSwift-aw portable precision measuring device is used for the determination of the water activity in food, cosmetics as well as pharmaceutical products. This equipment is versatile and may be used in the laboratory or directly on the production line.

This unit features a large and clear (LC) display with indication of water activity (aw), temperature, stability factor and stability indication. The instrument is very robust, long-term stable, and almost entirely maintenance free. In addition, the Novasina-developed electrolytic measuring sensor enables a very accurate aw-value measurement.

Perhaps the strongest recommendation for using the LabSwift-aw lies in the following features. This model offers an optimal cost efficiency, and impresses with its measurement speed, accuracy and reproducibility. The LabSwift-aw’s optional battery permits highly accurate measurement directly at the production line. A data-logging function with a Secure Digital (SD) card allows the recording of all measurement data and protocols.

The accuracy can be verified with saturated salt standards at any time. The LabSwift-aw is delivered with a convenient carrying case which includes and stores all the model’s accessories.

filter and senso

Technical data:

  • Measurement range: 0.03 … 1.00 aw (3…100%rh) Temperature: 5°C….+45°C
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.002 aw (0.2%rh)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.01 aw (in the range 0.10 … 0.95aw)

Application areas:
Food production and quality laboratories, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, chemistry

To learn more about Water Activity click here.

Backed by Neutec Group’s reputable technical service level, the Novasina instruments will assure your product quality!

Features and Benefits

Fast and accurate aw-value measurement
Simple handling, intuitive menu structure
Accurate electrolytic measuring technology
Data logger function with SD card
Tight volume-optimized measuring chamber
Laboratory and production application
Mobile use thanks to optional battery

Additionally, Neutec highly recommends utilizing a filter when testing in the presence of volatiles as a protection and to prolong its life span. To determine the filter that works best with your sample- click here.

What is Water Activity?

Water activity is defined as the energy status of water in a system. It is determined mathematically as the vapor pressure of water above a sample that is then divided by the vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature. Consequently, pure distilled water is said to have a water activity of exactly one. Water activity is extensively used in the food science industry as an easy, definitive measure of the stability of food. This metric is used to determine the precise optimum water activity that is ideal for a food. It is at this water activity that the food stuffs are determined to have the longest shelf life. Water activity is also used in the pharmaceutical production and chemical industries to determine the efficacy of moisture sensitive products.

Why is the LabSwift-aw Water Activity Meter an Optimal Choice for Water Activity Measurement?

The LabSwift-aw is a water activity measurement instrument that offers local flexibility. Here are some of the key factors that make this tool effective for research in the lab or at the production line:

  • Rechargeable battery-powered, the device can be placed anywhere and does not require an electrical socket to perform/function.
  • The device is suitable for products with a fine granularity such as powder, or foodstuff such as dried fruits that demonstrate low to medium aW-values (the measuring device does not have a temperature stabilization of the measuring chamber)
  • The LabSwift-aw water activity meter provides reliable and accurate measurement results as the manufacturer Novasina’s proven resistive electrolytic measuring technology is also implemented/demonstrated in this device.
  • The device’s high level of accuracy may be verified with saturated salt standards at any time.

Ideal Industry for the LabSwift-aw Water Activity Meter

An industry that benefits from using LabSwift-aw water activity measurement device to gauge shelf life includes commercial bakery products. This market has grown exponentially and is currently valued at $440 billion annually. Commercial baked snacks feature a range of characteristics including texture, color, and flavor. It is critical that these products not only remain safe to eat, but also retain their original characteristics and properties for optimal enjoyment. For commercial bakers, water activity control can prevent product degradation through rancidity, microbiological spoilage, staling, or changes in texture due to water migration. This makes the LabSwift-aw ideal for use in gauging the water activity in breads, and bread products, cereals, chocolate and confectionary products, baking powder, flour, spices, milk powders and dry milk products.

Whether you opt for the LabSwift-aw model or one of our other water activity meters, our in-house team of specialists and highly trained engineers will assist you in servicing, maintaining, and calibrating your water activity equipment. Our team of highly trained specialists will be happy to offer you their assistance!

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We have been using the LabMaster-Neo quite a bit to characterize our samples. It is very easy to use and does not take up much space. It was well worth the purchase!
Vasu Sethuraman
Principal Scientist, Synlogic, Cambridge, MA
The LabSwift Water activity meter is working good, Procedure is quite straightforward and easy and it assisting in our analysis
Dr M Hassan Qureshi Bioneutra
North America Inc. Edmonton, Canada
We recently received a new LabSwift water activity meter. We have been using the meter and it works very well on our powders
Joe Dondlinger
Quality Assurance Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.Lincoln, NE
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