GlowZone IR Loop Sterilizer

GlowZone IR Loop Sterilizer for High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame.

Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG
SKU: LF4002000


Infrared Loop Sterilizer – using IR-HotSpot Technology

High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing the Smart Way 

Are you looking for a fast, efficient and flameless product to anneal or sterilize  your inoculation loops and delicate micro instruments?

Then our electrical GlowZone Etna should be your first choice.  

Smart Infrared Light – Instantly Ready to Work  

Specifically focused infrared light generates an IR-HotSpot in which your  inoculation loop is sterilized at temperatures from 750 to 1000°C after only  5 to 10 seconds.

The GlowZone Etna just needs to be plugged in and will  be immediately ready to use, without any unnecessary warm-up period.  

Our highly sophisticated annealing tube is based on many years of experience.  It is made of special quartz glass.

The tube is closed at one end preventing  any risk of contamination with pathogens.  

The annealing tube can be slid out in a matter of seconds for easy cleaning.  

Smart Operation – Touchless Working  

GlowZone Etna allows you to fully focus on your core task. Hardly any attention  is needed for inserting your inoculation loop into the annealing tube – which is  easily accessible from the front of the flat glass panel.  

Touchless IR-Sensor technology starts each sterilization process automatically.  Adjustable timers signal both the completion of sterilization and cooling via the  display and an audible signal. After that your inoculation loop is ready for use.  

Both timers can be adjusted and recalled individually and up to the second for  two users by gently touching the panel.  

Smart Use of Power – Minimum Heat Dissipation  ’Thermocontrol’ is the key element for an efficient use of power.

It allows for quick but  smooth soft start of the infrared light, a short heating period and the re-use of residual  heat for the next sterilization process, which will be respectively shorter.

Whenever  you pause, your energy consumption and heat dissipation will pause as well.  

Smart Design – Outstanding Features  

GlowZone Etna comes in an stainless steel housing with a touch safety glass control panel designed for laboratory environments with unique features:  

  • Instantly ready to work without any unnecessary warm-up  
  • Auto-Start through touch-less IR-Sensor technology  
  • Touch operation  
  • Adjustable sterilization and cool-down timers for two users  
  • Annealing tube made of special quartz glass  
  • Very simple cleaning of the device and annealing tube
  • Cool-Touch housing made of stainless steel and safety glass
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