Cyclone™ Automated Diluting, Plating, & Pouring System

Fully automatic walk-away microbiology quality control system!


Cyclone™ is a fully automated innovative walk-away system, for pour plating, spiral plating and spreading of liquified samples for the food safety industry. It is an all-in-one fully robotic, liquid handling system, agar plate pourer, diluting and automatic plating system, making it the ideal choice for lab automation. Manufacturers in industries such as food, especially baby food, and cosmetic companies – have implemented Cyclone™ to standardize their quality control and service laboratories have chosen this laboratory automation to increase their productivity. This modular platform allows the complete protocol customization of liquid handling, including container type, inoculation volume, dilution sets, plating technique, and agar medium. This one piece of microbiology automation equipment can increase both the laboratory’s output and accuracy.

This automated system complements our stand alone automated solutions for the microbiology lab and offers a new level of work flow alignment and labor reduction. If your research facility is seeking to level up, consider the purchase of the Cyclone™ as an important step toward full microbiology automation at your laboratory.

Is your lab ready? 

Size doesn’t matter! Every industrial microbiology lab can enjoy the benefits of this unique piece of automation. 

Cyclone™ Benefits


  • Cyclone™ reproduces microbiology tests with a standard and high level of quality. Designed in compliance with GMP and ISO regulations, it allows a swift integration into the laboratory workflow.


  • Cyclone™ takes over tasks such as serial dilutions, plating and media pouring, thereby eliminating delays and inefficiencies as when completed manually, or automated separately

Data Integrity 

  • Cyclone™ ensures traceability of all samples and plates, a time consuming activity, which is also subject to error. With the Cyclone™, audit trails are always available, if needed.

Cost Reduction

  • Cyclone™ reduces Human Resource costs, by automating tedious labor-intensive tasks. In addition, standardization leads to operational savings by expediting the batch release process, and minimizing the risk of product recalls.

Low Maintenance Requirements and Remote Accessibility Minimize Downtime

  • The Cyclone™ has an impressive 95% uptime and requires only minutes of maintenance each day. On-site training classes and support options to ensure the system’s continual operation are provided.

 Additional Modules for a Customized Solution

  • Cyclone™ is designed as a modular solution for the Food Safety laboratory, where optional modules can be added at any time:
    -Multi-Media Module
    -Smart Incubation and Imaging Module
    -Artificial Intelligence Driven Plate Interpretation Module

Neutec will help you move smoothly through your microbiology automation journey whether you require a new Cyclone™ sample processor, or full laboratory automation using smart incubators and artificial intelligence software, or even a multi-line solution.

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COPAN Cyclone Auto-Prep for Automated Pour Plate Prep
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