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Manufacturer: Raypa, Barcelona Spain


Small retorts with pressure support

Both pasteurization and sterilization are techniques of food preservation by applying hear. Their aim is the destruction of microorganisms and their spores. The difference between the two techniques lies in the time and temperature of the heating process. 


Sterilization is performed with different foods, such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruit… it consists of placing food in a container and subjecting it to temperatures above 100ºC, usually 121ºC, during a certain period of time. After this process, all microorganisms and spores are inactivated. 


Pasteurization involves heating food at temperatures below 100ºC for a bried period of time. This method is used in many products, especially in milk and its derivatives, flavored juices, beers, because the low temperatures respect and preserve the aromas and other organoleptic characteristics. These food products have a shorter shelf life, because although viable micoorganisms are drastically reduced, some remain viable. 

Chamber Dimensions210 x 430 mm360 x 400 mm360 x 600 mm
Chamber Volume total / usable21 / 19 L55 / 50 L79 / 75 L 
External Dimensions LxDxH560 x 660 x 425 mm805 x805 x 650 mm805 x 1005 x 650 mm
Weight55 kg125 kg140 kg
Power2000 W2800 W3200 W
Frequency 50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Electrical Voltage *230 (1P+N+E) V230 (1P+N+E) V230 (1P+N+E) V
Amperage9 A13 A14.5 A
* Ask for other voltages

Safety Features

  • Protection against overpressure in the chamber
  • Safety thermostat
  • Open door detection
  • Positive pressure detection in the sterilization chamber
  • Water inlet pressure sensor
  • Water level detector
  • Cover thermal protection of the lid
  • Protective chassis for the sterilization chamber


Sterilization Time1-250 minutes
Max Pressure2.2 bar
Programmable Counterpressionup to 2.2 bar, depending on selected temperature
Double System Temperature ControlPT100 Flexible probe and Fixed probe in the sterilization chamber  
Sterilization Control Systemby programming the F0 value and maximum temperature  
Pasteurization Control Systemby programming the P0 value and maximum temperature    
Chamber and Lid MaterialAISI 316L stainless steel
External Case MaterialAluminium and iron EPOXI painted. Front panel AISI-304 stainless steel
GasketSilicone rubber  
Connection PCEthernet port  
USBAutomatic export of results to USB key  
Storing of Test Cycles100 sterilizations cycles  
Number of Programs50 programs  
Programmable AutostartDate and time  
Automatic Water FeedingMinimum water inlet pressure 3.5 bar  
Screen5″ color touch screen  
Cooling SystemDirect shower in sterilization chamber  

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