Dilugent Shaker System

Serial dilution system with pre-filled 9ml buffer tubes

Manufacturer: LabRobot


Our newest evolution in serial dilution technology brings automation and traceability into your serial dilution process like never before! The large 7″ touch screen allows the user to clearly and easily understand where they are in their dilution series, minimizing user error. The new Dilugent Shaker also allows the lab to create user templates, either for each tech or for the different testing programs. With the development of the Dilugent Shaker line of laboratory quality instruments, we cna even associate your process to your LIMS system for the ultimate step forward in traceability. Reduce variation from tech to tech, and standardize your serial dilution results! 

Easy as 1, 2, 3! 

  1. Simply add 1ml sample to the first Dilucup Elegance
  2. Start the shaker by waving your hand in front of the motion sensor. When the Dilugent Shaker stops, the next dilution is ready.
  3. Collect 1ml from the first cup and release it into the second cup and start the shaker again. Continue until the final dilution is reached. 
dilugent shaker standard colors

The LabRobot’s Dilugent Shaker has 42 lights, one under each cup, which change color to match their current status. 

  • Green: Dilucup to be diluted
  • Orange: Dilucups already diluted in the same sample
  • Red: Dilucups diluted in previous samples

The Dilugent Shaker also offers traceability by saving all of the following:

  • Dilucup Batch
  • Operator ID
  • Sample Name
  • Shaking Time
  • Rotation Speed
  • Number of Dilutions in a Sample
  • Date and Time of Dilution

All of this data can be exported to a USB, and there is possible association with LIMS. 

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Models of the Dilugent Shaker

FeaturesDilugent Shaker Light Dilugent Shaker Dilugent Shaker Pro 
Possible shaking with foot switch (not included)
Selectable working direction (front Left or Right)• 
Up to 2 templated can be stored•   
Up to 10 templates can be stored  • 
Visual “service required”, service menu • 
Possible 2D code (bar or QR) reading   •• 
Visual information of active sensor   •• 
Identification of sample, user, Dilucup batch   •• 
Export of information to USB memory   •• 
Advanced programming and possible parallel working    •
Full traceability of operations – Export to connected unit     •
Customizable interface colors and LED light colors    •
Full connectivity (LIMS interface not included)    •

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Dilugent Shaker for easy and traceable serial dilutions
How to trace dilutions with the Dilucup System
I. S am p l e p r e p a r a t i o n II. A g ar p r e p a r a t i o n a n d p o u r i n g A g ar/ M e d i a S t e r i li z a t i o n/ P r e p a r a t i o n XY (Z) T u b e & B o tt l e F i l l e r A g ar/ M e d i a F i ll i n g/ P o u r i n g A g ar P l a t e s S am p l e H o m o g e niz i n g S am p l e D i lu t i o n Y o ur S am p l e III. S p i r a l p l a t i n g C o l o n y C o un t i n g I V . A u t o m a t e d c o l o n y c o un t i n g R e s u l t s S am p l e I n o c u l a t i o n