Tuttnauer Autoclave LABSCI 9 19 Liters

The Electronic LABSCI Benchtop Autoclaves are designed to autoclave wrapped, unwrapped, glass, and tools

Manufacturer: Tuttnauer
SKU: LabSci9


This autoclaves do not require any water utility connections, just plug in the instrument and add water to get started.

This  autoclave has a sterilization time of up to 99 minutes, with a temperature selection from 105 C to 137 C (221 F to 279 F) and has pre-loaded cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs of instruments, glassware, and an additional drying cycle. For convenience, trays are included with the autoclave. 

This electronic autoclave allows for clossed door drying, and protects the valves with in-line particle filters. It is also equipped with electronic pressure and temperature sensors, a low water alarm which sounds when the reservoir needs to be refillers, stand by heating for quicker cycles, and a built in printer which prints out a summary at the end of each cycle. 

** This  autoclave is not suitable for liquids. **

Technical data

Chamber Volume (L)  19
 Max Available Height (in) 6.75″
 Chamber Dimension (in) 9″ x 18″
 External Dimenstion (in) 20″ x 15″ x 20″
 Power 120V
 Utilities No plumbing required

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