Tuttnauer Autoclave LABSCI 11L – PVGC 28Liter

LABSCI Autoclave with a Vacuum Pump (PV), integrated steam Generator (G), and cooling Coils (C)

Manufacturer: Tuttnauer


This LABSCI autoclave is equipped with a vacuum pump, an integrated steam generator, and cooling coils. 

The steam generator is used for heat on demand and quicker heat up times. 

The pre and post vacuum is used for faster more efficient air removal (tubing, glassware, pouches, wrapped tools, or garments). 

The Cooling coils decreasre cool down time by 75%. 

Together, the steam generator and post vacuum allow for complete drying. 

The autoclave also has an optional biohazard filter (BH) to prevent contaminated air from exhausting into the lab. 

Options that are available on all LABSCI models include: 

  • Warming (95 to 104 C) 
  • Isothermal (80 to 94 C) F0
  • 21 CFR with R.PC.R software
  • Biohazard filter 
  • Over pressure cycle to ensure sealed bags and containers do not break during the sterilization cycle

Technical data

Chamber Volume (L)28
 Max Available Height (in)9″
Chamber Dimensions (in)11″ x 18″
External Dimensions (in)20.9″ x 17.3″ 29.9″
Power230V 1 Phase (60 Hz) NEMA 6-15
Utilities Treated water, Tap Water, Compressed Air, and Floor Sink

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