Dual 150L Front Loading Chambers Electrically Heated Autoclave

The ideal solution for the autoclaving needs of many laboratories

SKU: Dual 150L Front Loading Chambers Electrically Heated Autoclave


Dual 150L Front Loading Chambers Electrically Heated Autoclave

The ideal solution for the autoclaving needs of many laboratories, the Priorclave EH150 Stackable laboratory autoclave is well suited for use in a wide range of applications:

Sterilization: media preparation, liquids and diluents, waste, glassware, instruments, apparatus
Non-Sterilization: food processing, quality control, plastics, accelerated curing, destruction testing

The EH150 Stackable laboratory autoclave is extensively used within many industries, including education, life sciences, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, food and drink, dairy, and brewing.

Steam Source: Electrical (both chambers)
Operating Range:Up to 277°F, 32 psi (136°C, 2.2 Bar)
Working Dimensions:496mm (19.5”) diameter x 740mm (29.1”) deep (X2)
Chamber Material:Brushed grade 316L stainless steel
Door Material:Burnished grade 316L stainless steel


Priorclave sterilizers are built in the UK to a modular design enabling easy upgrading during their working life as your requirements change. Every electrically heated Priorclave is fitted with a Thermostatic Air Purge Valve, Low Water Cut Out, and electrically operated Vent Valve. All pipe to pipe joints are brazed with compression joints to specific components (stainless pipework is available). Priorclave offers a 12 months parts and labor warranty and a 15 year pressure vessel warranty on this model.


All Priorclave autoclaves comply with current US, Canada, UK, and EU safety regulations, and are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. All pressure vessels are manufactured in-house and tested to 1.5 times their maximum working pressure. They have full Insurance approval for pressure vessel design and construction and are CE Marked under the Pressure Equipment Directive PD5500:2000 Cat 3, Certificate Number SS42059010-2 Rev 1. They also conform to the general requirements of BS2646 and are CE Marked for BS EN61010-2-41, Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

At Priorclave, the safety of your staff and students, comes first. Priorclave is the only manufacturer offering the sophisticated Tactrol® 2 Control System on every model – benchtop to double-ender. Program cycles are simple push-button and/or keyswitch activated. Program modifications are keyswitch and/or password protected, and interface directly with your PC. The Tactrol 2 controller has the unique ability to be as simple as it needs to be, or as sophisticated as your process demands. Everything is within your control, and no additional training is required when moving from one unit to another. The Quickseal 2 door, with Permission-based Door Release, is fitted with thermal and pressure locks preventing opening of the autoclave at load temperatures above 80°C (176°F) and pressures above 0.2 Bar (2.9 psi) (BS2646).

The door is also fitted with a Redundant Safety Gate, allowing potential residual pressure to safely escape before the door can be fully opened (in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s note PM73). Fitted with a Pressure Safety Valve set to 2.5 Bar (36.3 psi) and a 150°C (302°F) thermal cut out (BS6759); selected external panels and surfaces are Thermally Insulated. All front loading models are fitted with non-tip shelves.

EH150 Stackable Standard Features:

  • Dual Chamber Design (upper and lower chambers)
  • Quickseal 2 Single Action Door Closure System
  • Permission-based Door Release
  • Easy-to-use Tactrol® 2 Control System
  • Automatic Timed Freesteaming
  • Assisted Load Cooling
  • Media Warming and Delayed Start
  • Chamber Pressure Gauge
  • Thermocouple Entry and Test Ports
  • 316L Stainless Steel Chamber and Doors
  • Two full width stainless steel anti-tip Loading Shelves
  • Caster mounted for ease of positioning and service
  • Biomaster Antibacterial Surfaces
  • Water Conservation

Options :

  • Tactrol 5 Program Memory
  • Tactrol 10 Program Memory
  • Tactrol 10 Program Memory Upgrade
  • Tactrol Self-Monitoring System
  • Setting Lock Keyswitch Facility
  • Pulsed Free Steaming
  • Load Sensed Process Timing
  • Automatic Water Fill System
  • Scale Prevention System
  • Purified Water Level Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Pipework
  • Dual Electric & Steam Heating
  • Clean Steam Generation
  • Air Intake Filter System
  • Exhaust Filtration System
  • Air Ballast System – External Air Supply
  • Other Hand Door
  • Priorclave Tactrol Printer
  • Load Temperature Indication
  • Chamber Pressure Indication
  • Armored Wandering Probe
  • Serial Communication Package
  • Combined Combined Pre-Cycle Vacuum & Vacuum Cooling
  • Post-Cycle Vacuum Drying
  • Automatic Cycle Repeat
  • Stainless Steel Discard Container
  • False Floor for Discard Container
  • Front Loading Trolley
  • Loading Cassette
  • Stainless Steel Loading Basket
  • Stainless Steel Waste Container
  • Drain Condenser
  • 2 Years Spares Kit
  • 3 Years Spares Kit
  • IQ/OQ Documentation

Technical data

Working Volume150 liters
Operating RangeUp to 277°F, 32 psi (136°C, 2.2 Bar)
Loading FormatFront Loading (both chambers)
HeatingElectrical (both chambers)
Heat Input10.5kW Three Phase (each chambers)
Working Dimensions diameter x depth496mm x 740mm 19.5” x 29.1” (each chamber)
Loading HeightLower: 305mm 12″ Upper: 1229mm 48.4″
Outside Dimensions w x d x h937mm x 1354mm x 2002mm 36.9” x 53.3” x 78.8”
Working Dimensions diameter x depth 496mm x 740mm 19.5” x 29.1” (each chamber)
Bottom Shelf Dimensions w x d x h14.8”W x 29.1”D with 15.8” clearance (each chamber – upper shelf removed)
Top Shelf Dimensions w x d x h19.1”W x 29.1”D with 9.5” clearance (each chamber)
Floor Weight (unloaded)450Kg (992.1lbs)
Minimum Installation w x d x h (and Door Swing)1547mm x 2284mm x 2306mm 60.9” x 98.9” x 90.8” (625mm, 24.6” – both chambers)

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Dual 150L Front Loading Chambers Electrically Heated Autoclave

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