Spin Air Microbial Air Sampler


Feature full microbial air sampler with rotating head
Manufacturer: IUL S.A.
SKU: 90005500


Microbial air sampling devices are widely used in Pharmaceutical and Personal care industries as well as Food, Beverage and Environmental applications. Additionally, a regulation for compounding pharmacies, USP797, is requiring active air sampling in the level 5 and above areas. IUL Instruments has established market acceptance for a novel device for microbial air sampling. The SPIN AIR has taken the air sampling process to a new level with clear advantages for the user.

Features and Benefits

A unique rotating plate holder for even surface spread of micro organisms
Sampling by volume (not timed) for higher accuracy and reproducibility
Utilizes standard 60mm or 90mm agar plates which are easy to find and inexpensive
Rechargeable battery operated for remote sampling
Delayed activation mode to avoid the collector’s contamination contribution
Optional duplicate simultaneous sampling with a low cost mate unit
Bar code connectivity for faster easier collection of sample, location and user information
Wide range of adaptors and accessories plastic and aluminum choices in 60mm, 90mm and Rodac sizes

Technical data

Total Air Volume0 – 9999 L
Rotation Speed0, 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 RPM
Air Flow100 l/m – 60 l/m
CommunicationRS 232 To PC/Printer, XML , CSV
Switching Adapter100-240VAC To 12VDC
Battery PackNi Metal Hydride 7.2V
Battery Range8 hour of operation
Bar Code ConnectionIUL Bar Code Device
Weight3.6 lbs

Ordering info

Spin Air 90mm Petri Dish
Spin Air 60mm Petri Dish

CAT. NO. 5500
CAT. NO. 5501

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Microbial Air Sampler - Air sampling and environmental monitoring using Spin Air
Spin Air - Air Sampler Unboxing
How to use a microbial air sampler - Spin Air
I. S am p l e p r e p a r a t i o n II. A g ar p r e p a r a t i o n a n d p o u r i n g A g ar/ M e d i a S t e r i li z a t i o n/ P r e p a r a t i o n XY (Z) T u b e & B o tt l e F i l l e r A g ar/ M e d i a F i ll i n g/ P o u r i n g A g ar P l a t e s S am p l e H o m o g e niz i n g S am p l e D i lu t i o n Y o ur S am p l e III. S p i r a l p l a t i n g C o l o n y C o un t i n g I V . A u t o m a t e d c o l o n y c o un t i n g R e s u l t s S am p l e I n o c u l a t i o n