CIC-Touch Wall-integrated touchscreen display with alarm functions

Manufacturer: Novasina, Swiss
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Wall-integrated touchscreen display with alarm functions

External display with touchscreen for climatic parameters.

The CIC-Touch display panel with color touchscreen has been designed for the flush mounting in walls, e.g. clean room walls. 

Various interfaces allow an easy integration in existing networks, as well as a direct connection to external environment sensors.

This versatile external display unit allows for easy and efficient monitoring of climatic parameters in rooms.

The panel can be configured easily by the touchscreen, allowing parameter units and room names to be defined, and alarm levels and delays to be programmed.

If a status changes by crossing the higher or lower alarm threshold, the backlight color changes, and an acoustic signal is activated.

The new multi display for clean room air parameters such as air humidity, temperature, differential pressure, and particles allows checking at a glance the actual climatic parameters in clean rooms. The online data is provided by external sensors and/or contact relays.

Besides the actual measurement value, which is shown with the respective unit (e.g. temperature, humidity, etc.), and measurement location, the backlight color changes according to the actual status.

Green color for values within the threshold and red color if the threshold is exceeded. The CIC-Touch display can be easily mounted in clean room walls without the need of any screws.

The unit can be placed in a wall cavity, snapped in and fixed with clips, which are part of the display unit itself.

Thanks to the consequent clean room suitable design, the installation depth is very low and hence the unit fits in all current clean room walls.

The smooth front panel complies with the demands of clean room design and is therefore ideal to be cleaned and has no edges subject to be polluted by dust or any dirt. 

Another highlight of the CIC-Touch is the connectivity  such as analogue/digital interfaces, contact relays, ethernet, USB, Modbus, RS-232, RS-485 and a SD card. 

The CIC-Touch can be easily connected to any external sensor and integrated in existing monitoring systems.The display configuration is performed via the intuitive operation and configuration menu.

The CIC-Touch can also be factory configured for specific  OEM applications.

 Recommended ambient sensors

Air humidity and temperature:

– HygroDat 100 process transmitter with remote sensor (accuracy +/- 0.5%RH and +/- 0.2K)   

– HygroMaxx S/R/M versions, HVAC transmitter (accuracy +/- 1.5%RH and +/- 0.5K)

– TempMaxx (only temperature) with remote sensors (accuracy depending on sensor specification)

Differential pressure:

– Pascal-ST/Z process transmitter (accuracy +/- 0.1% of full scale)   

– PascalMaxx HVAC transmitter (accuracy +/- 0.5% of full scale)

Range of use

The CIC-Touch display can be basically used everywhere a on-site indication and monitoring is required as for example in clean room walls, machines and apparatuses and can be installed without any screws just with a simple snap-in system.

Features and Benefits

  •     Semi-flush mounting -> no sharp edges
  •     Low installation depth -> ideal for clean room walls
  •     Color display -> status display red/green
  •     Snap-in mounting -> no screws needed
  •     Display of 4 measurement parameters at once
  •     Various interfaces as well as 2 integrated relay switches


  • Clean rooms in pharmaceutical- and semicon-industry
  • Hospitals, pharmacies, operation theaters
  • Laboratories, testing rooms, air locks
  • Climatic chambers, isolators, laminar-flow benches
  • Specific OEM solutions 

Technical data

 Display 3,5″ TFT display
 Overall dimensions 150 x 120 mm / (H2O2 resistant)
 Inputs 4 x digital4 x analogue  (0/4-20mA) (0-10V)
 Outputs 2 x relay contacts (230V)
 Digital interfaces Modbus (RS-485)Ethernet
 Power supply 24V AC/DC

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