Food Preservation Autoclaves 2

Neutec proudly offers two select TERRA Food-Tech autoclaves that can sterilize and pasteurize food packaged in cans, glass, or plastic.

Designed for the cooking, sterilization, and pasteurization of packaged foods these food autoclaves work through the use of a heat temperature probe that is placed on a product sample. The probe enables researchers to gain complete control of the selected process, while it additionally preserves the organoleptic properties and minimizes any possible impacts to the nutritional attributes of the final product.

While industrial autoclaves as well as those used in the healthcare field can be extensive in size, food preservation autoclaves are compact pieces of equipment, and are ideal for use in research laboratories, where workspace is often limited. Food autoclaves use pressurized steam for three primary purposes (to destroy any and all bacteria, viruses, and spores that may be present both in or on the autoclave itself as well as on the culture media/sample, as well as to cook and or to pasteurize the sample). Note: essentially a sterilizer, “autoclave” is the term used for this process in laboratory settings while “sterilizer” is the term used in industrial, pharmaceutical, and medical facility settings.

The chief advantages in using a food autoclave are:

  • Food preservation autoclaves use steam as the key element in their process.
  • Moist heat is highly effective at destroying impurities in food products that are packaged in aluminum cans, glass jars, bottles, or plastic containers. It also can cook and pasteurized samples quickly.
  • Steam is not only highly effective, but also non-toxic and inexpensive to produce.
  • Food autoclaves allow for complete control of the entire cycle.

Neutec offers two types of food preservation autoclaves by the industry leader, Terra Food Tech, the benchtop and vertical model lines. The advantages of each follow:

Benchtop Food Autoclave Features:

  • Recommended for research centers and laboratories due to a smaller footprint.
  • Features a color touchscreen and memory storage for up to 50 programs.
  • Allows for adjustable counterpressure to 2.1 Barg which prevents container damage or breakage.
  • Temperature is adjustable from 50 up to 130°C for accuracy and control.
  • Rapid cooling is achieved through water immersion, which can be adjusted for duration and the number of fillings.
  • Does not alter the organoleptic and/or nutritional features of samples/products.
  • Includes a temperature probe for insertion into media, a kit for drilling.
  • Superior safety features.
  • Consultancy services are available.

Vertical Food Autoclave Features:

  • Ease of use: these models have a touchscreen and memory storage for up to 50 programs, making it ideal for use by a number of different laboratory personnel as well as projects.
  • Offers pressure support to prevent deforming or breaking sample containers.
  • Enables foods to be cooked during the same process as autoclaving.
  • Accommodates more samples, therefore enables greater productivity.
  • Vertical food preservation autoclaves include a temperature probe for insertion into sample media, and a cap perforator kit.
  • Technical and food consultancy services are available.

main features of terra food tech autoclaves

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